Device iPad new for a low price – Specifications, Features, and everything you want to know !

Held Apple TV, on today 27 March a special conference of students, schooling and education, revealed through him about the new her creations in the service of this Council, the most important was the launch of iPad New at a special price for course, the details with us today !

A summary of the specifications of your iPad new:

  • Screen : Type IPS LCD measuring 9.7 inches accurately 1536 x 2048 pixels, the densities of the colors 264 each per inch.
  • Processor : Apple’s A10 Fusion
  • Account war: M10.
  • RAM : unknown !
  • Storage capacity : 32, 128GB, and does not support memory external .
  • Rear Camera : 8-megapixel, the girl f/2.4.
  • Front camera : 1.2 MP, coolly f/2.2 .
  • Account insight.
  • Battery : capacity of non-information !
  • Includes 2 speakers and 2 microphone
  • Weight : Wi-Fi version is 469 grams and the slide 478 grams.
  • The thickness of the device is 6.6 mm
  • Operating system : iOS 11.3


I don’t expect you’ll find new in terms of design, all in order that you will see is the iPad the same design of the above, there is no differences, I was sure it was not the same as the advantages of the iPad Pro, but with the specifications of the iPad old, which was unveiled in 2016, but at a lower price.

The screen

Screen iPad 2018 in the current version of the 9.7-inch as usual, while maintaining the same intensity of color which is only 264 pixels in each inch, and Apple TV that this decision is one of the most selling and requested, and everybody loves it.

New in this version that the screen Supports pen Apple Pencil, where they added one of the advantages of the iPad Pro that iPad New, this water is counted in his favor.


Let us remind you, the same old A10, there’s nothing new in terms of the adoption of any processor launched in the iPad Pro, because these women are less of them, and in Devices the iPhone new, therefore you’ll get the same performance iPad previous, but less than the iPad Pro, of course.


Didn’t mention Apple anything about the battery as usual, but it lasts up to 10 hours of continuous operation !

Camera front back

Again we emphasize, this new device will not offer any new advantages, and thus where the camera won’t get him on camera with the iPad Pro, but you’ll get a camera accurately 8 megapixel camera, with a lens ذاتƒ/2.4, therefore it is not suitable for night photography, but it will tell you the performance is good when taking photos in the setting light.

While the rest of the advantages include support for auto focus, and HDR, as well as panoramic photography, support for recording 1080p video, and export video slow with support 120 frames per second, rounding up to 3 times, and other advantages.

The front camera

The front camera in the iPad 2018 1.2 MP, coolly lens AC/2.2, and the ability to shoot video at 720p, with HDR video and photo, and also the possibility of improvements in compensation ( to lighten the image or make it dark), has added the Apple TV export feature in the night through the Retina Flash, where is the dependence on lighting the screen, and other advantages.

IPad 2018 and to support augmented reality AR !

And because the iPad 2018 new size 9.7 inch free of any advantages of the new, made sure the Apple TV to make it supportive of augmented reality, through its ability to run various applications and developer according to package ARKit with Apple TV, and many include the games, as well as interactive applications.

See Related: what is the package ARKit is? Will it be a paradigm shift in the world of technology?

The registry Apple TV is also present and other pens !

Considering that the iPad small and just an extension of the large proportion of the iPad pro, the stylus Apple or the so-called Apple Pencil exists to help users of the iPad in the operations of writing or drawing, the pen, the available CSR and will not be sold in the box with the iPad, where he, as usual, available at a price of 99 USD .

But new to Apple TV open the purchase industry has the hardware to provide its films etc compatible with the iPad, and it was the beginning of the company Logitech with a pen priced at$ 49, so you can get the pens support the iPad is cheaper than a pencil, Apple Pencil drawing.

No support for keyboard smart !

Smart keyboard Apple TV are also among the items or accessories that you didn’t know about Apple TV in its conference final, only it’s an accessory available for the various iPads, they are suitable for those a fan of using the keyboard external.

But the iPad is new doesn’t support it, where hovering on a port connect these color keyboard, therefore if you are thinking it is available, you should review your accounts, it only supports iPad Pro, this iPad New not supported.

Colors and prices discount for schools !

IPad 2018 fancy new color that you see in the previous image, with only two copies, the capacity of 32 GB or 128 GB, as per the following prices:

  • Version 32 GB support Wi-Fi priced at$ 329 and support for 4G at a price of 459$.
  • Version 128 GB and support for Wi-Fi at a price of 439$, and support for 4G at a price of 559$ .

The schools can get the iPad 2018 price starts from 299$, while offering them a reduction of$ 10 on a pen iPad.

Promotional videos for your iPad 2018 !

As the tablet is better for study and students, has Apple published an article promotional to confirm that this one:

Also, I didn’t miss Apple’s opportunity to show the advantages of the registry smart, which is supported by the iPad new, and this article shows it:

Tell us in the comments about your impression about your iPad 2018 new 🙂

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