Device Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be available for purchase again on June 29


In the past year was felt by many of the players disappointed when you canceled your Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Considering that the company Nintendo look like they suffer from the problem of trying to keep up with the demand, it means that many of the players were not able to purchase this device, this explains the high price of this device is crazy on eBay. But the good news is that you’ll get your chance to buy this device again.

In the Declaration on page Nintendo on Facebook, the company confirmed that it will sell the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, once again starting from June 29. According to the company, it has stated by saying : ” will the NES Classic Edition to follow on the 29th day of June! Expected to be this device and the Super NES Classic Edition by the end of the year. “

This is in line with the company’s promise last year when it announced that a Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be known as the ” large numbers“, which means that the company Nintendo manage the supply chain better. There won’t be any changes on the device, this basically means that will replenish inventory only.

So, if you missed the opportunity to buy a Nintendo NES Classic Edition in the last year, it seems you’ll get your chance again in the next month, so mark your calendar if you are hoping to request your own unit.



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