Device Nintendo Switch new will get a new box to prevent confusion


In the past month, the company announced the Nintendo officially unveiled the new improved version of your Nintendo Switch. This new version is considered identical to the current, the main difference between them is the access to the new version for longer battery life allowing players to enjoy playing with their toys on devices Nintendo Switch their own for a longer time.

However, given the lack of difference in appearance, how will the player know what is the version that they bought? Well, there will be a bar code distinguishes the previous version for the new version, but to make the difference clear, confirmed the company Nintendo it the new version of your Nintendo Switch will come with a new box to make things clearer.

In a statement made to iMore, the company Nintendo by saying : ” includes the new model of a Nintendo Switch the same original design, but it boasts longer battery life. The science of this new version has been given a new look. Must start with consumers see the brand new on the store shelves in mid-August, but this will vary different stores and regions “.

There is no information about the shape that will sell you this new caddy, but hope to have their shape is different enough to be able to players choose the new version comfortably without mixing them with the old version. The new version of your Nintendo Switch is not yet available for purchase, but should be up in the near future.


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