Device Nvidia Shield TV officially begins receiving update to Android Oreo

Nvidia Shield TV

Wait was finally over. for your device Nvidia Shield TV because Nvidia finally started this week released an update for Android Oreo for this device. This new update brings with it a slew of new features to the digital future Nvidia Shield TV, in addition to the new user interface. Will be pleased to note that the device be allowed that this update may become available finally for their device.

You know the new user interface in the name of the Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0, and bring with it a new design for the main screen to view all applications, users, songs, television programs, and games. This interface customizable so that users can adjust the arrangement by themselves.

Divided fact everything in neat rows with a row Play Next and who knows movies and shows that users don’t finish what they’re watching or the games that they were playing. Easy to add movies and TV shows and games to this row by pressing the button choose and choose Play Next.

Will display the content popular channels such as YouTube and Netflix to facilitate the task of discovering the content. Users can customize the order of these channels also develop the ones that they use frequently in their fingertips. It should be noted that it added some shortcuts to the system also through this update, such as pressing the button ” Main ” to see all the apps and pressed twice to display recent applications. I started a company Nvidia is now in the update version of Android Oreo for Nvidia Shield TV today.

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