Device SmartHalo 2 improve your bike into a smart bike

The idea of this project from the city of Montreal, Canada, which dubbed the (capital cycling) in North America, where meeting people multidisciplinary cyclists enthusiasts, and they have a simple goal since the beginning of this project in 2015; it is to make cycling the future of development in urban areas.

Says team Company SmartHalo: “we can help in the fight against climate change, where climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation, as the proportion of 50 % of the world’s population live in cities, and 25% of all emissions (carbon dioxide CO2) come from transport, so we believe that cycling is not just a hobby or a sport, but it’s a way of life translates to a healthy lifestyle, environments greener, and smarter, so we strive to build products that make riding bicycles safer, more efficient and fun”.

SmartHalo 2 is a device of the type (all in one) all-in-one, where helps you discover new ways to with signals clear navigation, and includes a burglar alarm, lighting front, the tracker metrics of fitness.

After the success of the first generation of the device SmartHalo; who launched in 2015, spread in more than 70 countries, the company said a deal with Apple to distribute the device in its stores across North America, Europe, so I worked on the development of the device and its support with more efficiency, launch a second generation of them.

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Launched the second generation of the device name SmartHalo 2, has already finished the stage of research and development, production prototype of it, you ask the campaign to raise funding to produce on a commercial scale, and on the site of crowdfunding, the famous kickstarter, and this campaign aims to collect 56000 dollars almost, but it has so far succeeded in collecting more than a million dollars, is scheduled for the end of the campaign after a week.



SmartHalo is a device to focus on your studies without the need for screws to mount the hinge, where it falls in perfectly with any type of bicycle, the most important characteristic of this device is the simplicity of its design, where the designed interface SmartHalo circular to keep your focus on the road, not on the device.

For this reason there is no button to turn on or off in SmartHalo, once to ride the bike the machine work automatically, and stops working on his own at the completion of the ride.

Unlike extensions to the traditional bicycle, so SmartHalo protected lock mechanism protection against theft, so no need to remove it after each trip. To charge the battery, you can remove the upper part from the base using a key HaloKey allotted, which comes in the box with the device.

Technical specifications, and features:

جهاز SmartHalo 2 لتحويل دراجتك الهوائية إلى دراجة ذكية

It was the first version of the device SmartHalo is a circular device placed in the middle of the seat, and uses a loop of colored lights called Light Halo provides signals for the road to guide the driver to his destination once entered into the smartphone application.

I didn’t change this feature in the second generation of the device, but added the screen name PeekDisplay, of the type OLED display size of 1.5 inches in the middle (the circle of colored lights) Light Halo, which can be used to display all kinds of information such as, the speed of the passenger intraday, or metrics of fitness such as distance, time, calories burned, or notifications from compatible apps.

جهاز SmartHalo 2 لتحويل دراجتك الهوائية إلى دراجة ذكية

This also means providing information that is transferred more detailed to the user, such as: distance to the next turn, or to the final destination, weather alerts. This information you can access through the gestures slider to the left or the right, can for your SmartHalo 2 that tells you the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are reduced by riding a bike to your destination that day.


Include other translations; the evolution of the headlight to become a force lit up the top 5 times from the first release, supports 3 modes of lighting, as well as the alarm system is completely new, based on a motion sensor interior works, in case someone messes of the study, leading to the launch of an alarm of 100 dB, and hang the alarm system device SmartHalo automatically when your phone.

The device operates battery with a capacity of 2000 Milli-amp/ hour, last approximately 3 weeks of bike riding for one hour a day, and to charge it you can remove SmartHalo of your bike using a key HaloKey in seconds and connect it via USB.

The device supports the feature of water resistance; and according to the standards of IP66, communication via Bluetooth, and is compatible with operating systems of smart phones, it is compatible with the version V of a system of Android (Android 5.0 Lollipop) or any later version, as it is compatible with the version (iOS 11), or any later version.

Price, and availability:

السعر والتوافر

Will your SmartHalo 2 in December 2019, at a price of $ 132, but you can in a week from now book it through the website kickstarter price of only $ 100. As there are different prices to buy more than one device in one application for example: you can get two at the price of $ 193, or 4 devices at a price of 364 USD.

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