Device Sony the Playstation 5 will release in the next 12 months

playstation 5

Just last week, assured us Sony they are working on the next generation of Playstation, which will probably name Playstation 5. If you think that this means that this device will be released in the near future, out, and he turned to think again because, according to the Wall Street Journal of America, Mr. Takashi Mochizuki, the it won’t happen any time soon.

According to a tweet on the Twitter, it says that Sony will not launch any Playstation new during the next 12 months. This means that the Playstation 5 won’t arrive until May of 2020 at the earliest. This is in line somewhat with what predicted by some analysts in the past who suggested that the Playstation 5 won’t arrive until 2021 or even 2022.

Confirmed to us by Sony until now that the next-generation Playstation will support graphics resolutions up to 8K, and will be working on processor graphics special is based on the AMD Radeon Navi Series, as it will support the technology Ray-Tracing. Regardless of the graphics, it was stated Sony as well that the Playstation 5 will support voice technology three-dimensional, immersive, and memory storage of the type SSD to speed up load times.

Through all of this, it seems to us that the Playstation 5 will be expensive, which is not contested by Sony, but also mentioned that the official price of the device will be attractive to players due to the features developed that will receive them. We don’t have currently any information about the material that will be us in Sony more about Playstation 5, but knowing the entertainment of the annual E3 2019 will be held in a few months, we hope to have more details after that.

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