Device Withings BPM Core allows you to monitor the vital organs in your body home


Famous company Withings products health-related, it has launched many watches designed for the control of your physical fitness, and weight measurement smart which works on the analysis of the structure of your body, as well as tracking devices to sleep. Now, if you are someone who needs to or wishes to monitor the vital organs of the body in a product, you may be interested to know that the company just announced the device Withings BPM Core in CES CES 2019 currently held in Las Vegas, USA.

It seems that the device Withings BPM Core New based on your Withings BPM that measures your blood pressure. But with the Withings BPM Core, the company Withings to expand its functionality so that it can not only measure your blood pressure, but also capable of taking the electrocardiogram, as well as listen to your heartbeat through a stethoscope digital.

With by companies like Withings to embed the features of the electrocardiogram ECG in wearable devices, we assume it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing similar features in other products as well. In fact, it may be a feature of the ECG in the Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 4 may have saved the life of the first person after a short time of doing it. This feature may not be accurate compared to visit the doctor using the equipment is more complex, but the fact that you can now take these measurements at home can help a lot of people to track their health in an easier way.

It is expected to launch the device Withings BPM Core new in the second quarter of this year versus $ 250. The company Withings that this device is a medical device, therefore need to get FDA approval in the United States of America.

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