Devices Apple granted iOS update 13

Can Apple release update iOS 13 officially on Thursday 19 September, and as usual there models of iPhone andiPad will update.

Feature Apple TV support updates iOS system expands to approximately 5 years of its launch, but it doesn’t exclude older devices from the system update but its weak capacity to run the new system.

As we know, comes to iOS 13 features strong in the design aspect, perhaps the most notable is Al Black, will allow system iPad be iPadOS after the new update.. What are the devices excluded from the update?

The iPhone 6 and the oldest

Only the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will each receive a iOS update 13, without to get the rest of the iPhone 6 or older. This means that the iPhone 7 the mouth of a hill it will get the update.

The second generation of the iPad Mini the mouth of the oldest

iPad mini 3 which was launched Fall 2014 will not receive the iOS update 13, as well as the oldest ones of the family the iPad mini.

IPad Air original

We mean the first version of the iPad Air which back the launch to 2013, the iPad Air 2 and the latest will iOS update 13. The iPad fifth generation what the latest including Islamabad Pro will support the update.

Conclusion for for iPad, if release date is before 2014, you will not get the update, but iPad mini 3 will also get the update.

The sixth generation of iPod touch the mouth of the oldest

Despite the fact that iPods don’t get many challenges, the major update won’t get it until the sixth generation of iPod Touch which was launched in early 2019. With the knowledge that the previous generation back its release to 2015.

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