Devices running Chrome will start to support Windows 10 via a feature Campfire

الأجهزة التي تعمل بنظام كروم ستبدأ دعم ويندوز 10 عبر ميزة Campfire

By about 4 months back put the alt OS within the operating system Chrome devices pixel Facebook launched by Google, according to some reports that the company is trying to support alternative systems such as windows on its devices in the coming period to attract users more devices.

But new reports, reported that Google has already begun on the development of feature Campfire that allow to install the operating system on devices Chrome next to its flagship operating system, and has commenced the search to get the license support devices Chrome windows as an alternative.

The company seeks primarily to obtain license from Microsoft for its support to install Windows 10 on devices pixel MacBook launched, especially as it comes with the specifications are high, but you will need space to store up to 40 GB of this, so that Windows 10 needs 30 GB on the system will need Chrome 10 GB, so you’ll need devices often for additional space to complete the process.

It can be said that the Campfire will help Google very much in the promotion of its organs, in the future, but on the other hand, we have to provide the devices with the greatest possibilities possible, especially that Windows 10 needs for equipment internally and larger than devices running the Chrome.

On the other hand, it means that even in the case of support to Google for all devices from other companies that work for the advantage of Campfire, most of them won’t be able to because of the weakness of their advantages. But companies at the same time put in the account of the development of the organs of the best benefits to run the system with.

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