Devices Samsung Gear future may running WearOS instead of TizenOS


The leaker is a famous American Evan Blass, known as the month of evleaks tweeting new on Twitter saying that he was monitoring the hours Samsung Gear smart running WearOS instead of TizenOS in the staff of the company Samsung.

Working all hours of the Samsung Gear smartphones that have been released in the past three years running TizenOS, which is practically to some extent and provides some cool features which are lacking in the system WearOS, a subsidiary of Google. However, the negative side of the system TizenOS is the number of apps available, this is the side where the beats system WearOS clearly on the operating system of Samsung.

Some may argue, of course, by pointing out that you don’t need to many apps on the smart watches, but this is something that will be of great importance in the future after you become smart watches are more advanced and more prevalent. And we still have not any information about whether the system TizenOS will remain or whether it will be limited to some devices or what if the system WearOS formerly known as Android Wear will replace him fully.



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