Diablo III will be released on the Nintendo Switch this year

The company Blizzard officially announced the release of cult role-playing game Diablo III to a console game Nintendo Switch this year.

In February of this year, Blizzard has published an interesting tweet that many interpreted as a hint at the imminent announcement of Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch.

Now we can say officially. Diablo III will be released for the Switch with the prefix “Eternal Collection” in the title. It will include the original game, Reaper of Souls 2014 and set “return of the necromancer”, which was released last year.

Players will receive seven classes of characters and the campaign of the five acts which tells the story of the world of sanctuary. Also, they will be available to the adventure mode where you can play forever.

The developers said it will support local multiplayer (Wi-Fi connection) and games via the Internet. However, for online games and cloud saves will need a subscription to the upcoming launch of the online service Nintendo.

The exact release date of Diablo III on a console Switch is not yet known. We only know that it will be “this fall”. Be the first to test the game everyone will be able to game shows Gamescom, Fan Expo and PAX West.

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