Dialogue| 10 Questions Answered by the vice-president of HMD about the return of Nokia and future plans and chosen Egypt to launch its phones

The buckle interview fast with the same kosher, vice president of the company HDM in the Middle East and North Africa, during a visit to Cairo the end of last month, on the occasion of the launch of the company’s smart phone new for the first time from Egypt, an event unprecedented in Egypt, where the global company detects your grandparents for the first time on the land of Egypt, and highlights the questions posed to the Mr. kosher.

What does it mean to choose Egypt to launches their HMD the latest phones are?

We see Egypt as one of the largest and most important markets in the Middle East and North Africa, it is chosen to witness such an event, for the first time in the region, represents a confirmation of the library that are out of our Egypt, it is he who resists the opportunity to launch a new product in these charming spots near the pyramids, where culture meets history, I’m a believer that it’s the right choice too.

Some expect to be facing you in Egypt dedicated to the launch of the phone of category associated with is not available?

Chosen Egypt to launch the phone new Nokia 2,3 (Ovi 2.3) specifically has been studied thoroughly. First: because it targets very important have a strategy, HMD, and secondly: because the market banking specifically is witnessing a significant growth in the needs of this segment, which doubled its numbers in 2019, and to continue to grow in demand in the New Year.

Why do you think that the Nokia phone to the new 2.3 deserves all this respect?

We are in front of the phone is outstanding in its design and in its potential, at a competitive price, comes large-screen size ultra high definition LED 6,2 inches, and is ready to run Android 10, this is not available for this category of price, in addition to that the device takes advantage of the protection updates monthly for three years, and updates the operating system for two years, to ensure the development of the performance of this phone over time.

Disappearance and after the return

After disappearance of sign Nokia Nokia for years and its return, how would you describe the strategy back?

We have a good reputation and trust an old Nokia and its surroundings, and our plan to build on this trust by focusing on all segments of users, from the category of phones “feature” smart phones medium and high, but don’t look at it that phones available should not enjoy some features of phones high, or not get its share of updates, we put ourselves in the position of the consumer first before we or the pricing or add any new feature to our phones.

And this is enough to return Nokia to the previous one its glory?

Our focus on consumers is the compass that we enjoy, so every month, we release security updates to protect phones of Nokia, and is available free for devices running Android and Android or Android Wen Android One, and to ensure the provision of updates to my system the following operating system found in Nokia phone when you purchase, or for at least two years. This applies to all Nokia phones, while the updates in other phones is not up for both phones, or up to a limited selection of phones.

There is a feeling that Nokia in its new strategy to focus more on phones mini, medium, reverse and put your old one?

Our strategy of care focused on all of the slides, and give a distinctive or exaggerated attention for a specific user without the rest, we are against the idea of being representative of the high monopoly only on the category of phones associated with the price, we have a great interest in all the slides, we want to offer a good experience repeatable, and learn the logic of forcing users to buy a phone every few months to enjoy the benefits of new or to ensure the update operating system.

Almost two years since the return of Nokia to the market, how do you see what has been achieved, and plan for the future?

We are committed to providing the best experience for users of our phones, we spend a lot on research to understand the nature of the use, and the fact the needs of users, what they want and they use it really, so don’t be providing advanced technologies in the category of phones available, such as the use of artificial intelligence AI in cameras and is available in a Nokia phone 2,3 New launched in Egypt, with the advantage of portability of the operating system update, all this in order to maintain the trust relationship between Nokia and its surroundings.

Nokia and source

What about market share? it Why not decorate the page that deserves the name of Nokia?

Market share is an important indicator not to be ignored, but we believe that if we focused more on improving our services, listening to what the users want, and provide the experience of dependable and reliable, as in the case of the name Nokia in the past, going to be the share market reaction to all that has been done to provide services and technologies to the best.

On the other hand, I can tell you that we have the numbers and good growth in relation to the source, so I added the segment sales of regular phones to smart phones, be Nokia one of the top 5 signs in Egypt, and our ambition is broader and bigger than that.

Why do we feel that there is a modest shy for Nokia phones in Egypt?

I have worked previously in Egypt, and toured the many provinces, and I know well the strength and breadth of the Egyptian market, we currently have a network of distributors and Partners is large, and rising, a sign of our good network service providers, mobile telecommunication, we focus heavily on operations, technical support and maintenance, in order to ensure a good experience for users of Nokia.

And what is the status of the Egyptian market compared to the markets in the Middle East?

We don’t have numbers available about sales or market share in the markets of the Middle East, but I can assure you that the Egyptian market is one of the largest and fastest markets Nokia’s growth, and with the Saudi market and UAE nationals the largest in the region, and the launch of the phone is the Nokia 2,3 of Egypt confirmation of the report and interest in the Egyptian market.

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