Dialogue| first sticker Egyptian event Makki and Abu Hafizah.. and its: “time enrollment but”

Of years, I wish most of us buy a phone iPhone iPhone, download store alien in the stats easily and use them in tea, being a expression of our mental state and mood of our day to day in the House of Commons, but the high price of the iPhone with one obstacle of many, to be easy for companies manufacturing Android phones to it, through the development of panels phones offer software store alien that you can download it from Google Play with ease.

Although the forms and designs of the store, I didn’t see one of them messing about like us people’s interest even the movies that we always, hence the idea of my patience long, a student of Computer Science, in the design of the sticker or stickers in the spirit of Egypt, to be the initial of its kind, a judge for the”buckle” of his idea and the steps of activating the store on your phone.

In the beginning.. er different in the store Ellie, you did it for others?
Different it’s by the soul and source, and D night Bimo them from any need to Taani, means one theme of yours, by the employees of the government of Egypt traditional and the words of the Egyptian street.

Means to appreciate we we are possible to take where IS Egypt or like people?
Exactly. that’s what I did, find such as is Mackie, and Ahmed Helmy and Abu ire, and the words move some of the increased “face” of the “situation card” and “bored”, all the design and I painted it.

To get Store necessary get a specific application before us?
Don’t need any application to download, is satisfying but the last update time enroll WhatsApp.

Tell us steps to download & to focus on reality?
First need.. do update time enrollment, the second case I downloaded from the play store, one needs to choose & focus and pressing the add time enrollment.

Does the fact that in the comments a lot of chill people tonight tried it store, of which that mesh on?
The technique in where she’s not running the way de a rare problem, I think I talked to the mattress with my own eyes in the devices you tried it on them, and possible be the reason why women as students, or they are beige they like on the messenger.. anyway don’t miss the download & the machine from here with ease and try it yourself.

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