Dialogue with HP about the highlights of the digital control outputs

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Matthew Thomas, Managing Director, HP Middle East, Turkey and Africa, highlights in a dialogue with the gate Arab news technical highlights of digital control outputs.

Have the HP and the prestige as one of the leading companies in the digital transformation process. Can you shed light on the definition of HP is the term “digital transformation”is?

I always believe the digital transformation of the priorities of the activities of the HP, where the company seeks constantly to change the user experience, how to work companies, and seize new opportunities. Given the great development witnessed by the technology sector today, we find that the digital transformation plays an important role in the development of capacity, and manner of proceedings at the global level. We believe that we can achieve great successes in facilitating the process of digital transformation, by re-drafting practices, strategies and technologies currently being followed, and taking into account what the customer needs. The goal of digital transformation to help our customers and partners on the use of new technology applications to compete in new markets, seize new opportunities, and enjoy greater flexibility. These requirements between the form of the employment offices of the future, and bring about a revolution in industrial techniques, leading to new opportunities for brands to use the products of our graphics. There are also digital manufacturing, an area in which we strive through the portfolio of solutions of our three-dimensional, to bring about positive transformation.

The uniqueness of the process of digital transformation themselves firmly on the arena of global business. What are the main pillars of the strategy of the digital transformation of the company HP? What are the key challenges faced by HP when the implementation of the strategy?

HP is the fourth industrial revolution, where the portfolio of printing solutions to three-dimensional innovative we have to make a qualitative leap in the markets of global manufacturing, which amounts to the value of its US $ 12 trillion. And techniques of three-dimensional printing is currently in effect an overall change in production models, manufacturing, traditional, methods of operation, by replacing the supply chains uncontrolled, directed the immediate production demand. It is through the conversion of continuous manufacturing to the industry according to the demand, we are able to make manufacturing more efficient in meeting needs both locally and globally. Sector includes digital levels quick development of innovation, so our focus is currently to keep up with changes and new trends that impose themselves. We are exploring partnerships with institutions and leading companies in the field, to continue to believe the scene in the great development witnessed in the digital sector.

Facing heads of Information Technology departments and their dramatic shifts in customer expectations. Can you clarify ways to enable HP to take advantage of digital control to determine the level of experience of their customers, changing the status of the customer from being just a ‘user’ to become ‘a catalyst for change’ it?

Has always been our focus of the first expansion of our business. Given the fast pace of the digital world, it is normal to see such big changes in relation to the expectations of the customers. Succeeded HP the advantage of the process of digital transformation to enhance the value of services provided to customers and their experiences, through listening to their views, build and invent solutions from this point.

Of the leading projects of HP in the digital transformation is the partnership with the brand with Deloitte to accelerate the digital transformation in the manufacturing sector worldwide, which has provided this partnership a possibility to combine the platform three-dimensional printing of the HP system and digital control of the company “Deloitte” on the other. Can you explain ways to highlight such projects to position HP as a brand that supports “digital transformation”is?

Assuming HP pays great attention to, and partnership with institutions, leading companies from all over the world, because such partnerships always valued the services that we offer to our customers. They contribute to increased levels of innovation in our services, speed up the time it takes the product to reach the market, lowering costs, reducing waste, and large enterprises to compete more effectively in the global economy dynamic that we are witnessing today. Our partnership with Deloitte based on the merger between our portfolio of solutions and tools for three-dimensional printing “jet fusion” award-winning, and government, our work, partnership and excellence, and expertise in leading the operations of the digital transformation in the manufacturing sector, along with the customer base of adults from all over the world possessed by Deloitte, and the close relationships enjoyed by the company with the pioneers of the manufacturing sectors growing. I’ve benefited HP also from practical experiences in relation to digital technologies extended, and proven success in the payment of offering the supply chains of the group of the largest companies in the world. This has helped our partnership on universal access to all the tools and elements to determine the success of the process of digital transformation, what puts us in the place of today of sports as soon as the fourth industrial revolution.

While seeking brands to reach consumers across many of the important moments in their lives, the raging competition between the major companies to win the attention and a larger base of audience. So how can digital help the brand to compete more?

Extends the success of the digital transformation process to what is behind the technology, but the success of the operation depends more on the strategy followed, which form the key and innovative solutions to achieve digital transformation, and competition. Depends the success of the process of digital transformation also on the institution itself, and its forward the processes followed in each institution, and business models that follow, and most importantly, the skills and experiences of team work. Today, the preferred staff to work with institutions that demonstrate their commitment to achieving success in relation to the process of digital transformation. We take in the company of HP to work with the best cadres who possess the best expertise, which helps in providing best solutions and services to our customers. With regard to the three-dimensional printing, we have partnered with major companies such as the gabelle, Johnson & Johnson, BMW, SAP, Siemens, through alliances aimed at accelerating the pace of development of technology three-dimensional printing, push the progress of the organization of our manufacturing, helping companies to transform their businesses in line with the requirements of the future.

Dialogue with HP about the highlights of the digital control outputs

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