Dialogue: Xiaomi Pocophone F1 when you play the corporate game of “WHO’s next?”

No secret to anyone of how the impact of Chinese companies on the global handset market, especially this year, so we see many, many phones that left all of us feel puzzled about the phone is the best for any price category is given, and you can take the topic in a positive or a negative depending on your personal taste.

What amazes is really in these phones are no specifications as far as what is the value of the phone itself, I mean the performance you get for every dollar I paid for the device.

Our conversation today will on the phone which startled everyone namely Xiaomi Pocophone F1.

But before you start wading through the details of the dialogue I want to comment on the device name, don’t you think they a bit long? I know it’s not a big deal at all. but when I look at any device and briefed on the specs and testing it, the little details like this interest me.

It was possible to hear the phone Poco F1 for convenience.

Again is a small idea I wanted to express, now let us consider the beauty of the phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1!

Explicitly I don’t have much criticizing here, once again, the price of the machine may beat me to the predominance of the market, and the possibility of the predominance of his killer flagship phones, Oneplus 6 very large several hand one I will talk about later.

For the device Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is considered a pioneer because it contains the highest technical specifications of hand provided treatment as well as the radio Add to the storage capacities are different, I will be very brief in the specification of the device you can find out more about the phone here.

Of course it does not have any comments about performance here, especially with this price, but!

There are two things important I want to comment on it.

The first command which is the operating system:

Don’t blame Shaw for not charging the device with the version of the Android Pie (note that if she can do it the hearts of millions of actual or rather on their pockets), there are many of the flagship devices released in advance didn’t get the update yet, what troubled me and him is strange is that basic fact that it works the device is Xiaomi MIUI 9.6 and not the tenth version!

Note that the tenth edition was announced more than two months before. Yes, I know that Shawty said that the device will get the update a month after its launch, as that actually is still in version Beta and even now there are some devices didn’t get the beta yet.

My position here, as long as Shao announced it faced two months ago and certainly the phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 planned before much longer, I didn’t wait for Shawty to believe the final version of its own interface with the phone?.

The reason I right to say that is that I’m not impressed by the interface Shawty 9.6, but the new version I really liked and brought a lot of important updates on the level of the gear software which is sent in the spirit of hope in this fact.

Are these small details that in my opinion make the difference.

The second thing is the cameras:

Of course it is impossible to judge the performance of the cameras by just looking at some reviews on YouTube, but you can develop a good idea about the overall performance.

In fact I don’t like the cameras significantly, it does not mean that the cameras are bad or performed Redis or produce images of unacceptable (in fact we have to accept anything you give us Shawty right here in this category price no room for debate).

But I want to give Shaw, right, includes two feature electronic stabilization on the 1080p resolution is very good.

But the aperture on the camera three is not good, so they of f/1.9 for each of two cameras-the rear and f/2.0 front-facing camera, we are in 2018 and we see many devices with a lens up to f/1.75 within this category of price, this is the most impact on my opinion of the camera, Add to that the Color Profile of the device tends to increase the saturation of the image color depending on the sample set that I found online.


The comparison that I am drawing now in-depth comparison of Xiaomi Pocophone F1 with Oneplus 6 in the field of cameras exclusively.

No room for debate that the camera of the Oneplus is better in almost all respects, I mean that the difference is not the difference between night and day, but there are many differences here and there.

Again I don’t put the blame on Shaw here, the point table for is if the camera is your goal for a phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1, you can’t call it the Law of the Oneplus 6 killer flagship phones, due to the superiority of the latter on Xiaomi Pocophone F1 in these people.

I don’t have any other comments on your Xiaomi Pocophone F1, what would I complain about?

The device is very cheap compared to performance, yes, it lacks wireless charging, yes, it lacks the standard water resistance and dust, but really is it our habit to remember about these topics in this category and price??

Phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has a predominance of the phone that won the best phone of the consumer Nokia 7 Plus and we can compare the performance of the two phones they in two completely different categories, however, the starting price of the device which ensures you get the Snapdragon 845 and 6 GB of RAM as well as 64 GB of internal memory less than the price of your Nokia.

And don’t forget that the device contains a special port for headphones, in addition to FM radio and fast shipping.

I am pleased to inform you that the device has a standard Dual Band AC WIFI in order to get great speeds on the wifi network.

Last but not least, we have the advantage of the lock screen depending on the fingerprint of the face, which I will not comment on it positively or negatively until we test the device ourselves and see how effective.

Our debate today is about being a phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 killer Oneplus 6 or not?

I’ll analyze it to you. simple..

Yes phone Shawty new killer Oneplus 6 hand price, no one can argue about this.

But there are some things that excels where Oneplus on Shawty like the gear software (that’s a personal taste), do you like the interface Shao? Or would you prefer the interface for it? And, lest we forget the speed of getting updates between the two phones.

The other thing is the cameras as I said earlier, I mean that the camera Shawty you might like. in the end, even if you are a professional photography and when it actually will be a Xiaomi device Pocophone F1 is the best device that can kill him now (you and your family, I mean $ 300 you can buy 3 phones and get the same experience the rough estimate obtained from the bought device one and pay $ 900).

Tell us your opinion, do you think that the phone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 will be really next for Oneplus a 6? Is it possible to get on the right of the month and let especially to the IFA exhibition coming after just two days, will talk about his standing or that Shaw has released the device in the wrong time?

Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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