Dialogue:are you ready Nokia their place in our pockets?


The company that was always intended for all users since the beginning of the advent of mobile phones and even the beginning of the current decade, as download phones Nokia possible value in our hearts in order to follow industrial and school use, and not to forget of course the themes that were to hold her stay among each other using Bluetooth, how not to forget the snake game the first Messaging apps such as SH and other.

These memories, maybe I can glamour Android and the emergence of companies that were at the mercy of Nokia to the surface in the area of phones such as Samsung, Sony, LG and others. This is the technology and the track base (newer= better and desired more) and this rule is true most often.

In fact, Nokia didn’t do anything wrong. start it up, no they didn’t screw up. AVI its marketing plan and in the quality of their products, but the market demands and technical progress which is why I think that Nokia made a mistake in one order only!

Is that they didn’t notice knees Android since the beginning, and in fact I can’t also to blame Nokia too much for not having taken this step since the beginnings, so to its market, because at the time that Android was Nokia’s operating system Symbian own and was doing well, but it wasn’t to the level of glamour Android and the idea of “smart” devices.

I know we’re a specialist website with news, articles and Android, but I can’t deny what she offered him the Apple then light it the flame of rivalry between these two systems, and here grew up a snowball and Nokia benefit margin little by little..

Fortunately, Nokia has been able to return again for but flavor new flavor of Android possible while maintaining the characteristics of the devices of the company that was to distinguish them from the crowds of the manufacturers of smart phones I will mention to you later. what are the possible things that I see in phones currently.

System profile I see that Nokia had gone through the following phases since its inception:

It was like a little smart, and then passed the phase of adolescence and youth, circa 2003-2005 reaching maturity between the years 2006-2010 and started to get old after quickly.

And then entered a long coma woke up and it squeaked for about two years.

But it is no longer in the stage of aging, but she came in the stage between childhood and youth, as they didn’t forget who she is, and forget what their characteristics and principles.

So that Nokia devices running Android are available between the two generations.

The first generation that he represents the childhood and the second represents the stage of youth and strength.

Devices were the first generation to protect the most important property of Nokia Corporation which is the low price even on a flagship, which its price was very reasonable relative to the specifications provided, but these devices were not of trendy designs followed in 2017, so that the devices seemed devices of 2016 it was disappointing for some, but I was happy because I was sure that these steps are only to reduce the overall cost of the device used an initial for the year before return of the company is very strong in young adulthood this year through a series of new phones running Android Wen and Android Guam, Promises Nokia depending full fan it by shipping the OS updates for 3 years! “Ahem ahem Samsung”.

In fact, Nokia devices current especially working with Android Wen, do not carry this gear amazing such as Nokia 7 plus which comes with a processor Snapdragon 660 and 4 GB RAM, but because of the integrity of the operating system The device is use and convenience compared to devices leading. And don’t forget that the device comes at a very reasonable price as we if we compare it with devices available in the market within the same category of price, we will find that most Chinese hardware or devices from companies like Samsung require a lot of specifications to get this price and all these companies don’t care about OS updates.

In view of the proliferation of Nokia in the Middle East, they are the Party of the launch of its organs, in many of the Arab States now, we find many agents and distributors in all the Arab countries, and I expect widespread during the next year.

Now Nokia issued several updates for devices made by the first year such as the Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 5.1.

And don’t forget Nokia 8 Sirocco Sirocco brand Nokia which refers to the classic phones from Nokia, which bear the stamp of a distinctive design and luxurious too!

In my personal opinion, Nokia will continue to rise to the surface will determine the amount of grown bit by bit, and I’m waiting for the surprises that you may see at the IFA exhibition this year and the MWC next year to see new companies and new technologies that will be adopted.

For me, Nokia means quality workmanship, performance, user experience and safety as well as the appropriate price.

And now I want to open a debate with you about the topic, How about in a new company? Is usually Nokia properly and regained its place in your pocket? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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