Did you buy the PS4 / PS4 Pro or wait for the new generation?

Your PlayStation has become one of the basic devices now for the lovers of games and also for ordinary individuals who possess too much free time and that is why you of course if you have a PS3 or still don’t have a Playstation of the foundation will come to your mind an important question: Can I buy PS4 / PS4 Pro or should I wait for Generation V?

To answer this question it is incumbent upon us to discuss some of the basics of free games Gaming and also some basics about the devices the same games but we will try to accomplish this as brief as possible, because this story is long listed!

You الـPS is your choice the best or الـPC it?

You probably know that the comparison between gaming devices -the so-called بالـConsoles – and desktops -or الـPC – you could need for a full discussion, however, we go straight to the detail the two most important, simply: computer gaming is dedicated to gaming! Unlike computers which will be able to run games next to run everything else, this is the first, the second has the computer customizable and adjustment, where you can change any piece of the pieces contained in it unlike the gaming devices, and as long as we mention this partial, then we must have the specification of the hardware of the PS4 before:

PS4PS4 Pro
The central processor CPU1.6 GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar2.1 GHz 8-Core AMD Jaguar
The GPU graphics processor
1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon
Memory RAM8GB GDDR58GB GDDR5 in addition to GB ended the operations of the P background
Storage space500GB or 1TB1 TB
Support 4K
NoYes (but not in all games)
Approximate price
About $ 330 for the area of 500 GBAbout $ 550 for a space of 1 TB

We Of course will not compare the specifications الـPS4 and PC, this is because each computer differs in its specifications from the other where you can build tens of thousands of different assemblies anyway, let’s talk about gaming devices now as long as we have made clear the difference between them and normal PC.

Since the specifications of gaming devices are known and this in itself is an essential feature that since the company is the developer of the games you programming and design of the game closely to work perfectly on devices الـPS therefore it is impossible to find that there is a game what don’t work on your device well, this in itself is an advantage.

Do you choose PS4 or PS4 Pro?

If you have looked at the comparison specs between the two devices up there you might have concluded that the PS4 Pro excels at almost everything even at frequencies of the processor and the graphics card and you’ll must notice that the PS4 Pro will tell you the advantages greater and the quality of the game greater and also will give you the possibility to run games on 4K this if the game supports it and if the screen supports it.

On the other hand, there are some games that will not work perfectly on the PS4 the normal ones games Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Unity where they will give you about 23 frames per second which will make the experience of playing the bad by far, as for the PS4 Pro it will give you the experience of the game perfect on all games.

Here you will choose either to provide $ 200 almost get to experience the games satisfactory, but bad with some games, certain or pay $ 500 and get an exceptional experience, and if you can’t decide yet, so you have to talk now about the PS5.

What about the PS5’s?

Devices PlayStation 5 the expected will be on the architecture of Zen 2 on AMD will also support processors Ryzen 3 of the same company if you don’t understand my point, I can tell you quite simply that the devices anticipated will be stronger stages of the PS4 while it will run games the previous generation also, on the other hand the machine will be able to run games on 4K with 60 frames per second unlike the PS4 Pro who rarely respect of 30 frames per second.

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• What do we do now?

1 – if you want to sit on your couch with your friends and play games light, or at least don’t care if there are some heavy games that don’t work on your device perfectly. they will be your best choice is the PS4 normal.

2 – if you want to get the best game experience possible at the current time, including playing on the 4K and also achieve the best performance in heavy games way ideal is PS4 Pro.

3 – as if you’re not hurry and get the best possible experience you have to wait until the issuance of a PS5 in the next year, and until that time you can buy a PS4 used or old at a price of $ 180, for example, or write in on your computer until that time.

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