Did you catch Sony with the “rival schools of fish”?

Modifications that don’t like other recent smartphones is the removal of the entrance to heaven, which did a lot of companies and do Sony so far. But it seems that Sony won’t last long, according to a new report finally, the company law will not be in the heavens it is the phone that will probably be about at the MWC show so we won’t wait too much until we know the veracity of this report.

According to the report, the company will replace the entrance of heaven 3.5 Milli meters one USB Type C. which will through the link additional network headset mode at the same time through the same entrance.

What could we also expect of the phone the killer?

And write reports on the upcoming phone from Sony just referring to the lack of entrance to the heavens in the phone, but, turning to the details of the other like having a OLED screen with a diameter of 5.7 inches and accurately 4K, with a ratio of 18:9 for dimensions as a hobby One Plus 5T and Note 8, and Mate 10 Pro and LG V30, with the screen without the edges of a feature that I’m late Sony version phone features.

It’s the Xperia XZ Pro?

The new report is not surprising. indeed there are a number of previous reports that do not differ with him, which indicated that Sony would reveal a new phone as the Xperia XZ Pro in a press conference during the exhibition MWC 2018. The conference in the twenty-sixth of February in Barcelona, the Spanish it seems that the phone already exists and details of the fact and receive the official announcement from the company.

This topic did you follow Sony with the “rival schools of fish”? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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