Did you check Apple its position as more expensive company in the world?!

During the recent period has seen Apple’s shares on the stock exchange fell drastically unjustified even though some is due to reports of falling sales of Recent Releases for iPhone and Apple TV by reducing production. This decline in indicators of Stock Exchange the shares of Apple led to a decline in the company’s market capitalization significantly after it had exceeded the barrier of one trillion USD for the first time for an American company.

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Did you check Apple its position as more expensive company in the world?!

Currently at the time of writing this article has led a major decline to the low market value of Apple TV to $ 746 million to come behind Microsoft, which has become the company’s highest market capitalization of approximately $ 753 million and beyond Amazon and Google as the market value of them towards the 736 and $ 725 million respectively.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft did not overtake Apple in market capitalization since 2010, the high value of Microsoft’s market capitalization to the height of the belonging from the servers and cloud computing by software services and personal computers.

The Apple TV relies heavily on profits and returns on sales of the iPhone and its accessories, services offered by you, so any decline in the sales performance of the iPhone will be back great damage on it as happening recently for reasons unrelated to the quality of the phones the iPhone itself as it relates to competition with others in front of them Chinese companies as my shame and gas the traditional Samsung.

Indicators of the stock market can be unpredictable and sometimes rise and fall without obvious reasons, and undo the situation between the major technology companies-always happens like a game of musical chairs, but this Big Apple catches the eye and did not happen long ago and may be indicator of the risk if this continues throughout the coming weeks and months.

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