Did you fix the iOS update 11.4.1 the problem of draining the battery?!

When is the launch of the new update of Apple TV, we always find that the attention of the users about this update is confined to two main factors: the overall performance of hand speed and slow, and battery life. After the launch of the iOS update 11.4 previously been monitoring many of the problems regarding the battery drain, then Apple launched the iOS update 11.4.1 solve many of the problems and had noted a large sector of users significantly improve the performance of the battery.

هل أصلح تحديث iOS 11.4.1 مشكلة استنزاف البطارية؟!

Did you fix the iOS update 11.4.1 the problem of draining the battery?!

The monitoring of the reactions published by users across various social media about the performance of the battery, and if Apple didn’t acknowledge that originally the existence of the problem and did not indicate that they worked on fixed in the published Annex update iOS 11.4.1.

On the other side, some users complain about the continuing problem of battery drain even after updating to iOS 11.4.1. Generally look Positive Feedback most of the users devices to the latest iPhone, while the negative responses came more from the owners of the older versions, and still the battery problem the subject of controversy.

There are new problems also entered the topic of conversation and focus of attention, namely the high temperature of the devices is abnormal during charging and the problem is appeared after update to iOS 11.4.1 and has been monitored by some users.

Did the iOS update 11.4.1 solving the problem of battery drain do you have? Or added new scenes?

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