Did you launch Apple System refugees next year?

In the previous weeks appeared many rumors to discuss the system of refugees is expected out in the next year at the WWDC conference and the origin of these rumors was a report from the investment company MCP which discusses that Apple need to develop an intelligent system integrated just to help her personal! What has increased it’s logical is another report with the name Voice Tech -or sound technology – this report, which discusses the importance of vocal techniques, especially the dialogue audio and the integration of these things all with systems for artificial techniques and machine learning hinted at it himself. What we have is a growing importance for voice communication between man and machine and in front of the service for Apple -a Siri – rely on voice communication between human and machine.. so how will be the treatment of workers? Will we see Apple launches an independent system called Siri OS?

Some of the systems the IQ line -which rely on the aid of voice such as Siri – has become check the percentage of accuracy of up to 95%, i.e., that the voice assistant will be able to understand 95% of words are not it will also be able to respond to you and editing with you! This fact in itself may tell us that the voice communication will be the future of smart phones.

The story here isn’t just about smart phones but also home appliances which supports voice recognition and also the implementation of voice commands is that we see from many companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple itself! Add to all that he commanded the techniques of voice recognition Voice Recognition has evolved significantly, since its first phase was algorithms, the second phase was making decisions and now we’re at the stage of artificial intelligence that also be able to collect data from sensors in the device.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph brings us to the fact important is that the voice recognition systems and also techniques of voice assistant Voice Assistant is at the stage of highly developed stages, whether it is talking about Siri or Alexa Google, and what ever of the entire section, tells us the growing importance of systems voice assistant and voice recognition systems in various types of devices.

According to the Magrove investing in startups operating in the voice recognition system has reached 768 billion USD in Year 2019 and this is in direct comparison with the 581 million dollars only for the year 2018, and believe it or not, the size of this type of investment was $ 298 million only in 2017 any that the size of the investment has almost tripled in the past two years!

Privacy problems

Within the same report there was a section dealing with privacy problems that can occur with the growth of this kind of techniques, especially that there is a questionnaire had Microsoft been the results of this questionnaire had stated that 41% of users have their reservations when it comes to systems for voice recognition and assistance audio and the whole thing certainly is about privacy.

When we talk about privacy, we can note that the participation in the growth of the level and that after it was discovered that Google devices NIST contain microphones and also patented Amazon that offer a system to listen to all conversations even when you are not using the device! This fully add into companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple itself in the past weeks, all of which are related to the same issue!

As for Apple, it was not a step fishy last year when they acquired a company to Silk Labs, which developed a system that works to process the sounds recorded on the device itself without communication with the server of the foundation! Which in itself is scary when it comes to privacy, but it’s promising when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness.



Will we see a system of Syrians next year?

If we talk about the Echhosystems in general we see that Apple is not superior in relation to techniques for managing devices through voice commands only, at least compared to Amazon and Google, so according to the reports scattered on the internet and expectations we will see a system of refugees in the event WWDC 2020 as a step wide of Apple to catch up in evolution reached by Google and Amazon.

Being available for Refugees is an integrated system suitable for both Alexa Skills Kit and also the Actions of your Amazon and Google, respectively, they are, in fact, not operating systems but they are more complex programmatically than Siri, as Siri currently is only a program -sort of – on the Apple devices and whatever rebellion is programmed from the reality that they are not commercial systems, the most complex of the other companies are private and come programmers with Siri through the car service, a wake and just as it is not effective when it comes to a range of different devices, As the development of the supported features to Siri on the iPhone is different from the Mac.

In the case of the separation of Siri on the operating system, this in itself will open new horizons for the audio tour and also will allow more uses and greater integration with the services and other systems and -for example – will Developers be able to integrate Siri in their apps directly, as well as the amendment to try to use your plugin!

What do you think of it as a whole? Do you think that this step will allow for Apple to think on its competitors and on top of Google and Amazon’s? We shared your comment now..


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