Did you lose your iPhone, place it in the Middle Eastern countries?

Almost two years ago and reports talking about the falling sales of the iPhone globally, this decline seems small and does not affect much on the performance of the Apple TV last only for the Middle East region specifically, we find a sharp decline according to report by IDC, specializing in market research.

هل يفقد الآيفون مكانته في دول الشرق الأوسط؟

Did you lose your iPhone, place it in the Middle Eastern countries?

During the first quarter of 2019, has seen sales of smart phones in Middle East countries the overall decline exceeded 18% compared to the same period last year a decline the most prominent globally in the market seems due for economic reasons in the first place.

This retreat was for the iPhone the largest share of which dropped its market share of sales by approximately 4% on an annual basis. At the same time markets of the Middle East the presence of significantly high growth rates for my Huawei Share.

These figures are translated for a new one PAT of concrete in the Middle East, declining Apple TV before the invasion of the Chinese companies such as Huawei those up and others which are anticipated to operate Apple TV more in the future if things continue on this way.

The decline in sales of the iPhone in the Middle East can be explained for several reasons including economic reasons in the first place as a result of their high price compared to competitors in addition to the other reasons are important such as being the official Apple and their dependence on agents and distributors are likely to outweigh its competitors in respect of service after the purchase.

Another important reason is advertising and marketing, while the Chinese companies access to consumers via all means of advertising and marketing we see on the other side complete absence is almost up to the degree of marginalization in relation to the Middle East.

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