Did you read Apple’s acquisition on the season in the Intel right!

Title of the article name contains “apple” and”Intel” which is a big deal, if you know, where the two companies are so big. the first is the smartphone of the most famous in the world and the second is the factory processors, the largest in the world. Two weeks ago, had the entire internet talking about the experience of buying Apple sector of the Modems at Intel, a sector that was suffering a lot because of it -just my guess – not from the areas of work of the Intel main being a sector specialist with the information to smart phones and now Apple owns it already, does that help her?

The answer to the questions Why did Apple purchase this train? How will help her? How will make iPhones and iPads more development for? Lies simply in the development of Engineering in this sector and also as the patents owned by these two workers would be a huge push for Apple in relation to the development of the components of the phones, internal and corporate communication satellite in general.

The value of the transaction reached the Billion USD in spite of the enormity of the amount, but nothing for Apple or Intel but Intel -sort of – got rid of the train because it was costing the company a lot of money without a direct benefit to her, this according to a statement by Bob Swann, executive director of the company, what’s funny here is that the permission had stated: “the season will cost Intel a fortune and only serve one client, which is Apple!”.

The answer to our question posed in the title of the article is that Apple is in for a million dollars. just you’ll get 2,200 employees incompetent and 17,000 patents in the field of radio!

Apple is moving from guest to ‘his place’!

In fact, Apple already used modem, Apple beginning of last year that in addition to being used exclusively in devices iPhone and other. In this regard, it was Qualcomm was the first company to introduce such technology on a large scale and now Qualcomm is about to produce a slice 5G second before asking Intel modem first.

It’s no secret that Apple was already working on the technologies of their own in the last two years where the company has established development centers in multiple places, including San Diego and of course the company’s acquisition on the season in the Intel will be much of a help it will be able to compete more.

From the information that we should mention also is that prior to all these events, Apple has changed the place of the engineering team your gear to where you moved the panel to set the geometry of the gear key which is headed by Ruben Caballero to the techniques and gear under the leadership of Johny Srouji and later had left the first company fully after this event however, these changes generally formed a contributing factor for Apple to carry us iPhone with support for 5G in the next year and that’s in collaboration with Qualcomm because Intel didn’t develop the season after.

After the completion of such transaction will be Apple able to manufacture a modem of its own in an integrated manner and will not be a need to rely on any company or another provider which fits being Apple as the company always favors the manufacture of delicate pieces of itself as you can see they are now already manufactures its own, sliced wireless connectivity, processors, graphics and also you customize the screens, batteries, external significantly, this is in addition to the plans of the Apple -that may be crazy – to manufacture processors for the Mac itself.

What do you think about the whole story? And do you see that Apple made a decision right? We have participated now your comment..



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