Didi company continue its expansion and begin its service in Japan

شركة ديدي تستمر في توسعها وتبدأ خدماتها في اليابان - didi

In spite of the recent problems you are experiencing due to privacy in China, the company Didi’s work in all seriousness to accentuate itself more fully to the world, this time to enter its market share cars in Japan – the country second globally in value terms in the field of car rental or taxi.

And non-public with a way to work for the company, they will be contracting with a licensed drivers to join their car, no, the fact that Japan does not allow owning a car from the company itself.

Value is considered the total market for taxi in Japan is about 13$ million, as there are about 240 thousand licensed driver working in the country. Have begun to service Didi in Osaka currently, which contain approximately 9 million inhabitants, but it would apply to other cities later.

The company hopes the Chinese competition JapanTaxi which has the largest base in the country and backed by companies such as Toyota and, as well as Nihon Kotsu, the largest operator of parking there.

In an attempt to bring more users and tourists, the company has the standardization of method of entry on their application of the various places in the world, making it easier for tourists from other services to share cars.

The company currently operates in China, Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan as base, as the acquired company 99 Brazilian to get there, owns shares of the company Ola India, and is a major investor in the Grab in Southeast Asia, in addition to being a major investor to buy the cream, as well as Taxify in Africa and Europe.

Considers the value of the current company towards the$ 56 million, which is the largest company in the world.

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