Die hard: Bitcoin could grow to 820 times, despite all the predictions about his own “death”

The cat can be 9 lives, a Bitcoin even more. Recall that only this year, the cryptocurrency is”buried” more than 90 times. In General, over the entire history of BTC analysts have recorded around 337 cases of public statements that Bitcoin is “long dead”.

Fortunately, none of these predictions did not become reality. If you upset a strong drop in the cryptocurrency this year, the good news — the overall profitability of Bitcoin is still at a prohibitive level. Judging by the 1-month schedule of coins over the past seven years, it increased by 82 thousand percent.


Considered Bitcoin “dead” is impossible, at least for one reason — for all time of its existence, the blockchain cryptocurrency has approximately 99.98 percent of the time. Yes, in 2018, the digital asset is really affected in many ways due to the strong fall of prices.

However, early investors are complaining still nothing for the past seven years, their investment has brought a huge amount of money. A thousand dollars invested in the crypt in 2011, has now become nearly a million.

Moreover, the news around Bitcoin is now better than ever. Work on the cryptocurrency continues around her are also developing various solutions for scalability. Take Lightning Network. In 2018, the network LN has grown in tens times, and soon may become the main trigger for mass adoption of the coin in the world.

People buy Bitcoin now. According to the Central Bank of Canada, nearly 5 percent of the country own cryptocurrency. About 9 percent of Britons also purchased a Bitcoin, 90 percent had heard about it at least once in their life.

Source: Bitcoinist

Even the official government institutions in the US are taking digital assets as tax payments. In General, for 2018 users transferred more than $ 410 billion in Bitcoins.


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