Differences in Google because of the company’s intention to develop a search engine is censored in China

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After the news that emerged recently about the intention to Google to return to the Chinese market to develop a search engine controlled there according to the laws of China, appeared a lot of feedback opposition within the company led to the needs of employees against the administration in the past two days.

Where did the approximately 1000 employees of the company signing a petition suitable to the wishes of the company in the creation of a search engine is subject to the oversight of the Chinese, and turn off the so-called project Dragonfly, which aims to recreate the company into the Chinese market.

On the other side, in reply Sundar pichai, Executive Director of the company on the objection of the staff by saying that the project passes the preparatory phase now, and are getting final approval to start the work or not, but the fact that the density of the population in China accounted for five of the world, the return of the company to them means a great benefit, according to his words the company want to make an impact on the people providing services there as it did in the rest of the world.

The differences in the Google because the company’s intention to develop a search engine is censored in China appeared first on the tech world.

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