Digital assistant Bixby became able to calculate calories for food


Samsung want to make the digital assistant Bixby plays a greater role in its electronic this explains why the company continues to South Korean expansion this digital assistant more of its organs. The company has already confirmed in the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA that all TV is its smart base in the year 2018 the United States will come preset with the digital assistant Bixby. However, the availability of Samsung working on new features for the digital assistant Bixby on its smart phones. One of these features is the ability to calculate the calories in the meal.

Showed Samsung this feature is experimental in the booth of its own at CES 2018. This feature is not yet ready to be released to users, but it shed light on things that would be Bixby able to do in the future. It should be noted that this feature was able to differentiate between pizza Margarita and platter of salmon. However, it is still not able even now to identify everything on the plate properly. Moreover, should be directed to the camera of the phone for each food item to assess the number of calories, this means that Bixby could not currently provide the number of calories full.

And Samsung that Bixby will use public data for the food, which means that the number of calories will not be accurate. However, this feature will allow users to quickly identify the number of calories instead of having to open third party apps such as MyFitnessPal and add each individual element.

He said Samsung also it will synchronize the data profile in the Samsung Health to allow users a better understanding of the number of calories that they take it and compare it with the number of calories that they burned. Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us the Samsung company yet about the release date of this feature for all users.


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