Digital assistant Google Assistant now lets you send and receive money


Digital assistant Google Assistant can do many things, and can now help you send money to Costa using voice commands only. The company said Google this week updated her digital that is based on artificial intelligence to communicate with the payment service, Google Pay, which allows users to send and receive money effortlessly using voice commands. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about the Google Pay before, this is the new name given by Google payment service Android Pay after you decided to merge recently with all the other payment systems affiliate in one service.

As of today, users can send money to Isle of your contacts for free using plugin digital Google Assistant on Android devices and iOS in the United States of America. The company says that it will continue to these water speakers smart-supported by the digital assistant Google Account such as Google Home in the coming months.

Asked of those who did not participate in the Google Pay even now create their account when they ask the digital assistant Google Account to send money to contacts contact. Funds are transferred almost instantly, and the recipient is asked to even get Google Account to Pay. Will receive simply email, text message, or notification if they have the app installed on their device so they can exchange the amount instantly.

All of this can happen now by giving simple voice commands for the digital assistant Google Assistant, like, ” Hey Google, I ask for $ 20 from Mohammed to buy groceries ” or ” Hey Google, send $ 20 to Mohamed for fuel. “



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