Digital assistant Google Assistant now supports more than 10 thousand home computer to my smart

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In the early days of smart phones where the platforms Android and iOS are equal for the year, struggled to other operating systems to get the support of developers. While there isn’t any error in those systems, the lack of support from the developers for those platforms to make users think it would be better for them to stick with the most popular operating systems such as Android and iOS.

This only serves to highlight the extent of the importance of getting the support of third parties, which is not it seems that the company Google is facing a problem. Earlier this year, Apple company chose Google as her assistant digital Google Assistant had been supported by more than 1,500 device, but it now appears that this issue has evolved at breakneck speed, according to the latest figures, it appears that there is support for Google Assistant now by more than 10 thousand home computer to my smart of more than 1000 manufacturing company.

But as pointed out some of the sites, the 10 thousand device number remains relatively small compared with the digital assistant Amazon Alexa, which is now supported by more than 20 thousand device. However, you should take into account that the digital assistant Amazon Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon came to the market early compared to Google Assistant. We’re not sure if the time will come that be able to Google Assistant from planning to Amazon’s Alexa, but supported by 10 thousands of a home a smart is still the number was very impressive.

In the meantime, if you have the curiosity to know the types of supported devices, you can head to the official website of Google starting from the source link below for details.



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