Digital assistants in America achieved growth rate of 128% compared to last year

المساعدات الرقمية أمريكا

المساعدات الرقمية أمريكا

Achieved aid of the digital home, similar to the “Amazon echo” or “Google home”, the proportion of significant growth through 2017, as reported in a new study issued by the NPR وEdison Research.

According to the study, one of every six Americans owns a domestic helper, the equivalent of 16% -39 million people-. The hand of the companies, the 11% of the market share go to Amazon, and 4% goes to buy Google at the moment.

This means the previous word to the aid market of household growth by more than 128% compared with the numbers of these devices in January 2017, and that’s because of the holiday season that bought 7% of Americans have a domestic helper at least one, at the time bought 4% of them help them first.

And sing praises, according to the study, a large group of users from traditional radios after the acquisition and assistance home. Also increased the rate of their interaction with digital assistants on their smartphones, this means that the use of digital assistants on smartphones will increase with the passage of time also.

The market awaits the arrival of the assistant to the Apple TV home, the “home iPod”, the Apple TV device home entertainment is able to carry out the orders of the user voice. It also notes Samsung is also launching her own home during the later of 2018.

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