Digital scanning company Voxel launches its new product, WhiteHelmet

Digital scanning company "Voxel" in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launches its new product, WhiteHelmet

Voxel , the digital surveying information technology company, announced the launch of the WhiteHelmet platform, dedicated to serving the construction sector, as its latest product in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

WhiteHelmet will enable project owners, engineering consultancy offices, and contracting companies to monitor construction operations remotely and inspect construction sites from anywhere, anytime. It also aims to create a digital archive for each stage of construction and allows engineers to add their notes to the visual reports in the form of points on the specified places.

The platform allows comparison of reports with a dual view feature to measure the work done with high accuracy, as well as share them for viewing by the owner or with a third party.

On this occasion, the founder and CEO, Abdullah Al-Muhanna Aba Al-Khail , stated: “ The construction industry is the oldest industry in history and is the second largest economic sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after oil . In Whithelm we are working to enable digital transformation in this ancient industry. Using technology such as artificial intelligence and computer vision, now the building and construction sector is able to operate in unprecedented ways, and we are continuously developing technology to provide the best service to our customers. We also seek to participate in achieving the Kingdom's 2030 vision in the construction sector. ”

Solutions to building and construction problems are easy with Voxel WhiteHelmet

Voxel says WhiteHelmet solves many of the problems facing the construction sector; Among them is the inaccuracy of the reports submitted on the project site, which have been addressed by adding high-resolution 360-degree images that include the entire site, so that the whole image is documented with time and date. Also, the problem of the lack of sufficient and accurate data for the management to know the volume of work accomplished in the project so that it was solved by providing a digital twin for the project site on cloud servers that can be viewed from anywhere and at any time, and it also solves the problem of the difficulty of visiting some construction sites because they are in different cities as well as The limited number of sites that can be visited for each engineer, as the supervising engineer or examiner can visit the largest possible number of construction sites remotely and from his office, which reduces the possibility of infection with the Covid-19 virus.

The platform also solves the difficulty of taking notes and construction errors or the possibility of losing some of them for various reasons, and here it provides the feature of writing notes within the visual reports documented with history and the possibility of opening a conversation for the contractor to see with the ability to answer and follow up on future reports and these reports can be printed easily.

Voxel notes that after launching the platform and opening early registration, Whitehelm received high acceptance from many engineering consultancy offices and real estate development companies in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that the WhiteHelmet project is one of the accelerated projects being progressed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

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