Dilemma number (1): promotion of the passive voice !

Can we know the dilemma as it which I still looking not for solutions, the issues that surround us in our lives which we may need and wonder about it many times, when discussing it; mostly don’t get to resolve to the satisfaction of all parties, are thorny issues, but they’re holding has been re-thought at every opportunity, life, digital is not immune to these dilemmas, but it is from the lush environments for the emergence of new ones along the line, what kind of power in location-aware technique; and Only a modest attempt to highlight some of these dilemmas that may face anyone in his life digital.

Let’s start with the first dilemma, those related to the promotion in the digital world.

A few days ago; the deployment of one of the makers of the content in YouTube videos is considered to follow it for promote my mobile app in one of his videos he said he discovered that the application of “Israeli” and “Palestinian” as he thought or how he was deceived (he says), he now supports the follow-up to delete that app, and calls on the owners of the other channels that promoted the inquiry to follow His example and apologize to all of them like you.

Then videos of the other, of defending the application and prove the opposite, and who wants to and who knows, all in the shadow of confirmation of the company it is not as has been said they they.

We are not concerned with all those douches, we’re here we want to use that story to rethink the fundamental dilemma that caused the emergence of such problem and other problems associated with the, it’s -I think – of the biggest dilemmas of digital marketing, they are led brother Ali Mohammed -the owner of the youtube channel – that eliminates the advertising of all his videos on YouTube, which is of concern to many of the makers of digital content, especially anxious to have them valid and the march of the digital good.

Exploit the confidence granted to

We can divide the promotion of digital sections of evaluation to the public, there are of offers himself or talking about his voice, he must formulate marketing phrases a communicate directly with the public, this is the most dangerous, because here not only uses the force to reach the largest possible number, but rather takes advantage of the trust granted to him by following him or watching (You can watch the video experience mask bracelet shoaib showing the seriousness of this matter).

The second type of promotion, is that I don’t follow Him you are on your own and through your person, may appear at the beginning of the video or the end of it, may be mentioned the AD in the right side of the website or in any place inside or around the content you provide via any platform was, and here you are offering the message: such a useful service or a good product, go and check it out yourself if you like.

The first type of promotion may fall under what is called in the English language (Endorsement) you will see that it is the method common to advertise and promote within the snapchat or YouTube; a famous person to go to that restaurant, or stay in hostels or even buy a bottle of honey bee good, and then talking about it in front of follow and feel, or simply: show them the beauty of the place and the spirit of excellence.

There’s a problem arising from this pattern of advertising, which is not apparent disparity between the original content and the content advertising provided, which can serve the viewer believes it stems from the core conviction of the person stated no, and for problem solving talked about the brother Saud in a previous article, and simply is to be disclosed advertising content or hardly tell it from the original content, that which contains the experiences of the person submitting the content.

The promotion of non-understood or unknown.

We can divide promotion into the digital world building on another specific non-specific Arena, you may promote something you know, but dangerous when promoting something, don’t know, Yes this is already happening, we know we need for things we don’t know we don’t even know their names, but how can that be?

If you subscribe to Google AdSense or Join the partnership program in YouTube is the clearest picture of what we can hear (promoting passive voice)You deal with Google to provide some space within your pages, or within the content of your videos to know which ads you don’t know about something, the ads show to people based on their geographical location or their interests, this means that the adverts that appear to the other won’t show you, it brings your brother in the room next to you show I don’t know the data completely different from those that show you as you read the same page or are you watching the same video.

Become ad-digital today mainly dependent on the allocation of advertising content for the implementation of the watch, this allows companies to identify the target audience for those adverts accurately, you as the owner of a website or a youtube channel may be residents of the city of wind like, and there are ad only appears for those in the city of his grandfather, and therefore may know the tens or hundreds of thousands of people living in Jeddah and you don’t know already that this declaration is promoted within your channel or your website.

Someone might say, what about filtering ads that are available in Google AdSense, I’ll tell you that they give you the possibility of blocking ads or ads specific, this is no longer of great benefit, after that the ads have become a custom, because you already will not see or know of the announcement until you block it.

But with that there’s a feature in Google AdSense can be a partial solution to this dilemma, is a property (Ad Review Center), which allows the Account Holder to review the adverts that have appeared on his site in the last 30 days, can not be prohibited from, but this property is not practical, you may need to hire a dedicated person to monitor the adverts that appear every day, as it is not available in all platforms, for which the most important (youtube).

Imagine that appears the announcement of a film Hindi lyric full of dancing women naked at the beginning of the video talking about modesty and decency, or the beginning of the video contains Surah al-baqarah by Sheikh Maher al-muaiqly, the situation looks from the outside like the channel or the owner of the channel they see, so the film, while he did not choose that declaration did not satisfy him or face him, he is touting for the unknown.

Is there there a solution?

If the solution was to stop the adverts in the sites and Channels, not was a dilemma AB, is a dilemma because all of the solutions are difficult, because there is no solution had been agreed, the suspension of the ads is not the solution, those adverts are the ones that bring a financial return to the owner of the content, is the important catalyst that helps in the development and prosperity of digital content, she pays the owner of the channel that spends long hours and amuse himself in order to produce a video in which a benefit or a lesson or write for a hearty share his expertise and experience and transferring it to others.

Those ads are an important revenue source for many of the individuals, are the cause of in the reconstruction of homes and open the oven doors in front of a lot of young people, is a means -albeit modest – for the redistribution of wealth between poor countries and rich, and bring hard currency for developing countries, as digital advertising is what has contributed and contributes to the flourishing of the concept of free content and free services, so it is not easy to say simply: goodbye to advertising, digital, these ads are beneficial to us -as users and consumers of content – as much as is useful to the owner of the content.

This problem is fresh even when the promotion of what is known, let’s go back to your introduction to this article, the story of the app questionable in its origin and purpose, while that Acer promoted and then discovered about things he didn’t know, in that case it is also he promotes a product unknown in some parts, he didn’t know about little, this is the case with celebrities, media networks or with anyone who owns the platform up to the public, may contract with the company touting a product without knowing everything about him, You may show him things in the future will make him regret every word he said and every person who contributed to convince him.

Some might suggest solutions such as the expansion of the types of other forms of digital marketing, such as affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) or in other ways to make money away from promotion and advertising, such as the collection of contributions from beneficiaries on a voluntary basis (cross-platform Patrick or the like), there are several solutions on the table in the past, but digital advertising (the Council) is the easiest and most lucrative money, so it will remain the preferred option for many who want the Create and digital content, will be invited to this dilemma requires negotiation and corporate solutions.

The conclusion of the …

As we said in the beginning of the article, we’re here to talk about the dilemmas, is not specific or clear way, so our role here is to raise the talk about, to try to dismantle the problem into parts easily understood, to move the stagnant water and to use the mind to wonder about the desirable land, the already begun that war your intellectual property inside your mind, it has reached our target and stay on it.

The dilemma of the number (1): promotion of the passive voice ! Appeared first on the tech world.

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