Diplomats of the future: creative entrepreneurs!

Author: d. Ammar Bakkar

Maybe it was the beautiful dream of many people to become “ambassadors”. Ambassador in the audience is someone who enjoys a lot of travel and luxury in his life, in addition to the office the Social high-end as a representative of his country, a person brings a lot of closed meetings, where everyone talks in flowery about “relations between the two countries”.

This picture does not represent the full truth of course, diplomacy is an art that requires a lot of experience and personal capacity and culture, is a complex business, but real and sure that this complexity will increase in the near future, because the whole world is getting sophisticated and interconnected world, so will require diplomatic work a lot of culture and knowledge of the specialized and technical, and will require a lot of creativity and communication capabilities as well.

Perhaps the most important qualities of the 21st century is the crossing of the technique and its applications and its intercontinental, this applies to the social networks that dominate a large share of content production and social dialogue, income and advertising in each state, and e-commerce, and digital information and entertainment, and very soon the area of Education, which would turn to the people a substitute for traditional education.

Diplomatic will need for a communication that qualifies him to deal with social networks

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For The Diplomat, you’ll get the technical issues part of the agenda of its meetings and negotiations with other states: privacy issues, collecting big data from platforms in other countries, cyber wars, as well as issues such as climate change and water crises.

This return is at the core of its concept contrary to the concept of sovereignty that is defended by each diplomatic, and represents an enormous challenge, and part of this challenge is the specialized knowledge needed by the diplomatic service to represent the interests of his state properly. This celebration will be the ministries of foreign affairs around the world changed the structure of its executive, comprising in addition to the ambassadors of the expert specialists in all fields, and so share the work of the ambassadors with experts to determine the general objectives of the ministry.

Some specialists say that globalization will do for each government institution to be active internationally, which will put pressure on embassies to represent all of these interests, change the nature of the traditional work of diplomacy.

In Germany, for instance, adopting the German Foreign Ministry the idea of room operations Open (Open Situation Room), when there is a crisis or issue, attended by senior officials and diplomats, in addition to a network of entrepreneurs, creators, and young scientists, and even the makers content influencers on social networks, to participate in addressing the crisis and find solutions to them.

This means that creativity will become an essential quality for a diplomat successful, not only to find new solutions to the problems a lot of which generate with every morning. Recipes ready in dealing with every challenge international, is what depends on US diplomats zombies today, will become a thing of the past very soon.

There are currently attempts to develop mechanisms to produce more ideas serving foreign policy. Such as, Switzerland, with a tradition of diplomatic tradition, served by research center name (Foraus), which works on open brainstorming around the issues that represent the future of diplomacy and foreign policy, and attracted hundreds of young diplomats. One of its projects, such as technology, financial “Fenton” so that you can serve the Swiss banking sector globally. The basic idea here is to hit collectively at the level of hundreds of interested Affairs, diplomatic and political, so are coming up with creative ideas and effective at the same time.

Such creativity is what will require the emergence of a generation of entrepreneurs from a very particular kind, those who smile international initiatives to effect a diplomatic positive, and they take the responsibility of their risk and the ongoing work to improve the success of those initiatives.

Of the most important developments of diplomacy today is the emergence of the so-called”digital diplomacy”, namely the use of digital technology in the construction of a positive image of the state, and win the minds and hearts of the peoples of other countries, and interact daily with them via social networks.

Digital diplomacy means reaching youth directly, so that the force of public opinion in other countries not only put pressure on governments but rather to attract them politically and commercially and intellectually. Digital diplomacy has escalated with the escalation of the concept is another popular diplomacy or public diplomacy. This type of diplomacy will retire in the next ten years, he is also going to need a lot of creativity in the industry programs, initiatives and messages attractive, even can earn the attention of the public Arboretum and convince him of the contents of these messages and initiatives.

Of the most important developments of diplomacy today is the emergence of the so-called”digital diplomacy”

The outcome of all this is that the diplomat will need to a communication that qualifies him to deal with social networks. Is no longer possible to ignore the public in any state, as this may result in crises real. Add to that, that the politicians themselves have become influential on social networks, and to broadcast their messages through her, perhaps the model of the US President Donald Trump who is not only using Twitter to talk about political, but it uses a non-diplomatic in often, and requires states come Smart with him, and what happened with Denmark about buying islands and Greenland is just an example of dozens of examples of this type.

This is all designed in the end to build the “soft power” of the state, the construction of “national mark” (Nation Branding), which will have great importance in the world of the future to achieve the goals of the state.

There is a question permanent whether increasing globalization will be a need for diplomats in the future, because every encounter will be international. In my opinion, the future will be in favor of diplomacy, because the complexity of the world and reciprocal influences between the state and increasing will need for diplomats life and intellectuals, not the “velvet civilians” who dream of their lives to everyone sometimes!

D. Ammar Bakkar

Media and writer specializing in the affairs of digital media, and futures, and the CEO facilitates the Tu digital centre ARC research strategy. Worked in several media consultant, during more than 20 years.

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