Director of Huawei executive reveals the expected losses to the company because of the U.S. ban

In conjunction with the invitation of Google, Qualcomm and Intel will reduce the U.S. ban on Huawei by the US administration.

Due to reasons specific to each of them and put them in one way or another from the process of the ban, revealed the executive director and founder of Huawei Ren Xing from the expectations of the financial losses that may be caused to the revenue of his company through the coming period because of the embargoes.

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Stated Mr. Xing to the expectations refer to decline in a IT company at about $ 4 billion during the year compared with 2018, which was up and the company $ 104 million.

Knowing that Huawei was aspiring to reach the limit of $ 125 million come and 2019 to build on its exponential growth in the smartphone market in particular.

And the stages of very advanced over the past few years and ranked second in the world. However, it is no longer as in the past after the US group.

And referring to Little People for the previous proposals to the director of Huawei’s CEO was adamant always on the capacity of his company to face the protection of America and the decisions of the president of Donald Trump and their ability to get out of the crisis.

Today we see that the company is in trouble for middling top of the pyramid, she is taken contrasting style in a talk where he touched directly to the topic of the future revenue that will not be in the best interest of the company never.

Will deficit is inevitable in the case of the continuation of the ban that will kill the aspirations of the company in control of the smartphone market, to say the least without volunteering to market the fifth-generation networks is currently the company’s cooperation also.

In Zheng stressed in his remarks that the sales of Huawei phones will be reduced by 40% during the coming period

As a result of the current crisis, which was chiefly the Prohibition of the Google system Android for phones the police fully, which will come into force August next, so that will not be supported Android phones Huawei New any updates.

The reports indicate that the work of Huawei on the launch of own operating system in the next few months.

It is worth mentioning that setback, Huawei started effectively since the US President Donald Trump signed a resolution prohibiting the employment of Chinese telecommunications companies in the United States and Huawei are intended mainly.

Due to its danger to national security and in favor of the Chinese government also indicated that indictments earlier addressed the Ministry of Justice of the American people, to introduce the resolution against the wide range of US companies that included Google, Intel, and Qualcomm.

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