Director of management and budget in the White House, asking the government to defer some items to the ban imposed on Huawei

رئيس مكتب الإدارة والموازنة في البيت الأبيض يرفع طلباً للحكومة لتأجيل بعض بنود الحظر المفروضة على هواوي

I don’t doubt that the U.S. ban on Huawei was defeated facing the Chinese giant in all global markets especially after the prevention Google doesn’t benefit from Android, but from the other side can not ignore the capabilities of Huawei in the field of telecommunications and networks of the fifth generation, and that its prohibition in the United States and the cooperation of the government with it will result in the lateness of the service providers in providing their services in the country.

Judging from this point, the student acting management and budget in the White House, Russell missed to defer some items to the ban obligatory on Huawei for two years, where he sent his request to the vice president Mike while the number of U.S. senators as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

He missed that sparked the ban will determine the ability of telecommunications companies that provide government agencies with its services which may lead to a lack of services in full, so students mainly to postpone decisions and laws contracting loans and federal imposed on service providers for two years.

Has prevented the United States from the duration of quite some time any entity or government body from using equipment of Huawei, as well as the company’s dynamism and flexibility with, in addition to telecommunications service providers and a ban on its equipment due to its danger to U.S. national security as claimed, which doesn’t seem like it according to the statements of Trump’s recent Where did not rule out expansion to resolve the crisis of Huawei in any business negotiations to come with China.

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