Director of Marketing Department of Samsung in the United States leaves his post following violations in dealing with partners

مدير قسم تسويق سامسونج في الولايات المتحدة يترك منصبه على إثر انتهاكات في التعامل مع الشركاء

According to the WSJ , the marketing manager of the company Samsung in the United States Mark Matthew had left his position last week, is the number of employees following an internal investigation carried out by the police to check the violations and abuses in the context of the processes dealing with the parties of the partnership.

Despite the fact that Matthew didn’t submit his name during his tenure at the head of the Department of marketing in the United States over the last four years; however, it has many important roles as the value of the company’s investments with leading content creators on YouTube as well as his cooperation and his vision of the scene during the crisis caused to the company after the launch of Note 7 and crashes it explodes, as he was of the team provide all of the Galaxy S8 S8 Plus after a tough on the police had to restore public confidence for their products.

With reference to provide the Wall Street about the nature of the investigation made by Samsung; the company has to investigate on the integrity and transparency of the conclusion of the engagements with the parties to the partnership and the search for excesses in the process where the commission or a bribe has been between the staff and marketing partners.

Refused to Samsung by to comment on the topic of where measured to investigate at all or emphasize that the departure of Matthew came to build on its results, in the still vacant position for a moment which means that the turmoil in the marketing department still continued, but not more so than it’s routine in the switch roles in the company giant regions like Samson.

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