Director of network Netflix last leaving his post after 14 years

مدير شبكة نتفليكس المالي يغادر منصبه بعد 14 عامًا

The network announced Netflix on Monday morning that the Director of financial (CFO) David wells will leave his postafter helping the company choose his successor. Statement of the company that the product is available to candidates both from within or outside the company.

The service plays in the corridors of the company 14 years ago, and took over as CFO in 2010, commented and plays on this by saying, “I was 14 years fantastic issue in Netflix, I am very proud of everything we have accomplished “.

And wells expressed his desire for change the CEO of the company, you agree that the appropriate time to determine the identity of the commander of the new financial, it is a powerful position, full of plans for the development of exciting, as he would focus on charity work in the coming days.

Have seen David of Wales the growth of the company from the position of broadcast video services in the United States only, why it is now having more than 130 million members spread over more than 190 different countries around the world.

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