Disassemble Huawei P30 Pro reveals the Secret Camera Periscope

There is no doubt that Huawei P30 Pro one of the best phones in 2019, perhaps the most what sets it apart is the rear camera of the quartet, capable of output images is unmatched in low-light, add superfluous supernatural.

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Camera can Huawei P30 Pro Zoom the scene up to 50 times, a distance of 580 meters, but with loss of quality. Also the camera can zoom up to 10 times, although the approximation of a hybrid (optical and digital) don’t lose Images their high accuracy. The optical zoom, which depends entirely on the camera “Periscope” without programming, Faisal to 5 times, a number unprecedented in the phones.

The biggest obstacle that was standing between to provide optical zoom powerful is that the hardware of the cameras that support the zoom several times to require to be the subject in the body of thick. But Huawei has implemented a trick to allow them to incorporate hardware camera Periscope inside the P30 Pro Slim, which is what I know we have Zack Nelson video below.

You can even put the lens long enough to provide a zoom up to 5 times without increasing the thickness of the phone, put the lens tangentially inside the P30 Pro, by the end of the Matrix sensor and put a mirror list of the corner, where they reflect his perception of the camera sensor to capture images.

Noted Zack Nelson that can benefit future phones of technology to provide optical zoom up to 15 times, and already have seen the leading version of the Oppo Reno offers optical zoom up to 10 times by days.

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