Disclaimer – replace battery iPhone from Apple at a cheap price before December 31!

If you possess the iPhone needs to be changed and replace the battery inside it, it’s best to do it now the day before the 31 December 2018 in exchange for just$ 29 which is the offer made by Apple to the public after raising the issue deliberately by slowing down the phones iPhone the same old batteries.

تنويه - قم باستبدال بطارية الآيفون من آبل بسعر رخيص قبل 31 ديسمبر!
Disclaimer – replace battery iPhone from Apple at a cheap price before December 31!

The offer constitutes a phones iPhone: “iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X” if you own one of them noted a decline in the performance of the battery and the device generally, you can take advantage of the offer and change the battery in exchange for 29$ instead of 49$ which is the natural price to replace the battery outside of the display and to$ 69 for battery iPhone X. To proceed in replacing the battery to communicate with the customer service of the Apple (we’ll explain that later in the article) or follow the Apple official or one of its authorized dealers.

How do you even know that the battery of your iPhone, you need to change or replace?

You can learn it via battery health Battery Health which can be accessed through the Settings > Battery Battery > then Battery Health Battery Health.

كيفية تفعيل ميزة صحة البطارية في تحديث iOS 11.3 ؟ و ما أهميتها ؟
The advantage of the health of the battery

You know you Battery Health Information designated fundamental the first is the “maximum Maximum Capacity” and is the battery status of your device offline when the device is new will be the maximum 100% and deals with it gradually over time and increase the number of times a shipment where at least at the rate of 20% per 500 charge cycles.

The second was “the maximum capacity of the performance Peak Performance Capacity” is the capacity of the battery needed by the current to provide the power needed for the processor at maximum speed when performing heavy tasks without any problems or off the surprise of the phone.

ميزة صحة البطارية في تحديث iOS 11.3
The normal position of the battery
ميزة صحة البطارية في تحديث iOS 11.3
The abnormal position of the battery

There are two possibilities: to be the card you need good and able to provide the power needed for the processor, and either to be substandard and resulting in reduced performance of the processor through a power management and when you will be able to stop it and reset the processor to its normal by clicking on the stop button to Disable the small images and maybe you might find a letter advising you of the need to replace the battery with a new one.

ميزة صحة البطارية في تحديث iOS 11.3
Turn off power management
  • Fabric 100% : the battery is natural and supports a high performance processor.
  • Less than 100% : maybe you know the phone to see the automatic shutdown and may find the option of power management is active to evaluate the performance of the processor with the possibility to stop it.
  • 79% or less : the battery performed translator community are clear and need to be replaced.
  • Women are known : the system is unable to determine battery performance and you should go to one of the agents of the Apple specialists to maintenance to check on the status of the battery.

Ways to communicate with the customer service of Apple

We purchased this in an earlier more detailed, titled: “customer service Apple TV – how to connect with and benefit from technical support?!” You refer to it but no problem it reminded her again. You can communicate with customer service Apple TV via three methods : phone, internet, Twitter. With the need to know the serial number of your phone in the way mentioned in the article.

مهم جداً - كيف تستطيع استبدال بطارية الآيفون بسعر رخيص من آبل ؟!
Apple will replace the battery in your old in exchange for just$ 29!


Customer service telephone is available in eight Arab countries only, you can use the following numbers to deal with them, if you don’t work mobile mobile phone mobile you can use the phone to the ground hard, and the numbers are as follows :

– Saudi Arabia : 8008449724 ( for customers of STC ) and / or 8008500032 ( for customers of Mobily and Zain )

Arab Emirates : 80004440407

– Egypt : 08000000888

– Kuwait : 22282292

– Bahrain : 80081552

– The Sultanate of Oman : 80077471

– Diameter : 00800100356

– Lebanon : 01426801 and after the response, enter that number 8552789177

You can check out the customer service numbers in other countries non-Arab ( from here )

2. Internet: via Page technical support via official site for Apple TV : via THIS LINK .

3. Twitter: account through Apple’s official technical support : https://twitter.com/AppleSupport

How and where will the replacement battery my phone?

After communicating with customer service, the officer would ascertain the status of your phone and whether to change the card it is essential, then you will be scheduled to go to one of the branches of the Apple or its authorized dealers or one of the centres of the maintenance of the treaty within the scope of your geographic region with full commitment at the official rate and is$ 29 or the equivalent in local currency for your country until 31 December 2018.

Did you replace the battery your iPhone is? Or are you going to do that?

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