Disclosed features of the clamshell Samsung’s flagship camera

In July 2018, it became known that the company Samsung plans to release a clamshell, codenamed “Project Lykan”. It is expected that he will become a follower submitted in December 2017 model Samsung W2018 with camera of flagship level smartphones. It seems that all these rumors are true — in the database TENAA appeared characteristics of the future of the cot, which may surprise many.

Like its predecessor, the clamshell Samsung W2019 will get a camera of flagship level. Apparently, it will be taken over from the Galaxy Note 9, the camera DxOMark test, which scored 107 points. Recall that it consists of two modules 12 megapixels. The first is characterized by a record aperture of f/1.5-2.4, and the second — the usual f/2.4, but has twice the optical zoom. From this it follows that cot will be able to produce great footage in low light and zoom without loss of quality.

Also, the clamshell will get two displays — one on the inside and another on the back side of the drop-down part of the structure. On the bottom is located T9 keyboard familiar to all since the push-button phones. On the left side is located the call button the voice assistant Bixby. Right as usual — the power button and volume rocker.

Like last year’s model, Samsung W2019 will be sold only in China. From this it follows that it will be equipped with Snapdragon chip 845, intended for markets in the US and China. Version with Exynos 9810 will not, as it is designed for the European market.

Price of the Samsung W2019 no less amazing — she could reach 17,000 Renminbi, or about $ 2 500. To give a rich appearance, the company will paint the body of the clamshell in gold color Rose Gold.

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