Disclosed is a smart shirt for the NBA lets the wearer change the name and immediately


Think of the shirts sports a good way to advertise the team and the player supported. However, there are times you may not want to wear your shirt, like when you go to a stadium filled with all of the other team, or when you lose your team and disappointed hope a little.

But lately, during the summit of the NBA All-Star Technology Summit, the commissioner of the American Basketball League, Mr. Adam Silver beta smart shirt will allow users to change their team name printed on the shirt immediately. Not with respect to Mr. Adam Silver in details on how to do this, but based on what we can see, it seems that it will be investigated in this T-shirt through the application on the smartphone.

If we had to guess, there’s a chance to have a shirt with a flexible which allow to change what is displayed using the application utilities on your smartphone. Despite that, it seems somewhat limited, as users cannot only change the name & number on the shirt, so you can’t convert the shirt to a different color completely for the team.

We’re not sure if there are plans to start selling this smart T-shirts in the end, but it would be interesting to know how will the demand for these shirts when they are put up for sale. In the meantime, explore other companies like Google is also the concept of smart clothing, but this technology is not prevalent yet.

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