Disclosure about the status of some companies to malware in Android phones low price

الكشف عن وضع بعض الشركات لبرمجيات خبيثة في هواتف أندرويد منخفضة السعر

Android is open source it is positive and negative at the same time, so that everyone can develop the system and at the same time add many things inside it, which is done by some companies recently, but negatively.

Andthe company revealed a protection world avast for the presence of malicious software called Cosiloon in some Android phones low price, gas licensed from Google, but the problem is that those phones come with that software installed as part of the operating system and the internet connection non-encrypted HTTP.

And the idea of an app to show ads and offer suggestions to improve the applications to the users continuously, it never stops being software can not be removed like applications, where the software is built into the operating system as one of its elements.

The company said that that software found in the phones the Chinese company ZTE, and the French company Archos, in addition to the company Philippine myPhone.


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