Disclosure of interesting information about feature wireless charging reverse in phones iPhone 11 new

iPhone 11

We see more smartphone manufacturers to include wireless charging technology reverse in its smart phones, which is the technology that allows this smartphone to charge other devices that support wireless charging, including phones same headsets wireless. Having said that, there have been rumors hinted that this feature will see their way also to the lineup of iPhone 11 Series.

However, in the event Apple, where was the announcement of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the water was missing in the list. This seems to prove some of the rumors that appeared in late which suggest that Apple may not know about this feature. Can we say that the rumors that hinted to the advent of the wireless charging feature reverse for iPhone 11 had been wrong all this time? Well, it seems that it is not.

According to the experiences of the famous Sonny Dickson, he says that his sources told him that the iPhone 11 Series New already support wireless charging is the reverse, and that the technology required already exists in phones Apple New. However, it seems that Apple decided to disable it in the operating system.

However, it was explained that it is unclear whether Apple will remove the required components for this technology in these phones before the start of mass production of the final. We assume that if we want to make sure that, you’ll have to wait so the people at iFixit from doing a disassembly of the usual. It is also unclear why the company decided to the Apple TV pull the water at the last moment, and in this case if it turns out that the content of this tweet is the new Sonny Dickson true.


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