Disclosure of technical specifications for the cameras the next eight with the flagship phone next Sony


Last week we heard that Sony is working on Xperia new featuring a total of eight cameras, two in front and six in back. At that time we didn’t have any information about these cameras, but here we are now with the new infusion is intended to fill this gap in the spec sheet.

Allegedly the source has always been reliable in the past that this next phone from Sony will feature a front camera and a basic 10 megapixel is next to her camera-type Time Of Flight accurately is 0.3 megapixels. In the back, reveals the same source that the phone will have a camera background accurately 48 megapixels with a lens languidly variable 1.2/2.4, and beside her another camera accurately 12 megapixels with lens girl variable also 1.2/2.4, as well as other camera-type Time Of Flight accurately 0.5 megapixels.

For cameras the remaining three, they would have accurately 20 megapixels and 8 megapixels and 16 megapixels respectively with the knowledge that all these cameras three put lens girl 2.4.

Likely to accompany the camera basic camera, Time Of Flight source of she information the depth camera, wide-angle camera close. But we don’t have currently any information about the purpose of the cameras of the remaining two. Having said that, we should deal with these specifications as confirmed until you provide evidence, arguments and strong support.


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