Disclosure of the code name for the next generation of Xbox

Facing Microsoft in establishing the names of symbolic devices Xbox own under the names of reptiles, it has been renamed Xbox One original on behalf of “Durango”, then take your Xbox One X the name “Skorpios”. Now, it seems that the next generation of Xbox will get the code name “Anaconda” which is expected to arrive by 2020.

It has been detected that the code name for the first time by the site Windows Central, as it seems that Microsoft is preparing to ship two new units as part of their comprehensive plans for the next generation of Group “Scarlett”from the Xbox.

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It seems that your “anaconda” with with your Xbox One X the current, with the improvement of equipment and the processor and the graphics processor. This may include the “anaconda” also SSD storage to provide Times download games.

It is said that Microsoft is working on a second unit, which carries the code name “Lockhart”, where it is likely to come this unit at a reasonable price. Of course, all this will take units to the Xbox games and Xbox 360 compatible with previous versions in full, in addition to Xbox One games.

While these units you think are the next generation of Xbox, but it’s expected that the Microsoft is preparing a version without the discs of Xbox One S for the year 2019. Revealed site Thurrott about this for the first time in the last month, but allegedly the site to Windows Central that Microsoft may know about this version cheaper than the Xbox as early as next month, with plans to ship in the spring of 2019.

It is interesting that Microsoft is currently considering programs to replace physical disks by number of to be able to players of the games use the existing discs with the Xbox Next without tablets.

Will also include control units the following from Microsoft great emphasis on service flow games xCloud of the company. Microsoft plans to open the experiences of the public about the service over the next year, where you will find the Xbox games available via computers, phones and the Xbox and PS.


I know of

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