Discover the adventure in Africa: how do you say “Airbnb” initiative to develop a policy of adventure in the Dark Continent?!

اكتشف المغامرة في أفريقيا: كيف تقود "Airbnb" مبادرة لتطوير سياحة المغامرة في القارة السمراء؟!

Launched on the eleventh of the month the summit of the “Travel Africa – Africa Travel Summit” which held in the capital of South African, Cape Town, for the first time. Come the summit is part of a broader initiative under the auspices of the travel application Social the largest in the world currently “Airbnb – Airbnb”, and after that allocated to the company in support of us $ one billion to finance social initiatives aimed at the definition of citizens in many African states the concept of social tourism and how to display their homes to stay in front of tourists through the application of Airbnb.

The summit continued over the course of three days participated by a number of officials Airbnb, officials from the World Bank, the organization of the International Monetary, in addition to many of the public figures in the field of Tourism and business leaders in the council itself among the their founders to develop and help wishing to travel to Africa. Addressed topics related to mainly use technical applications to the social in the development of the field of travel and tourism on the African continent.

Maybe that sounds like a step as an initiative to a noble and meaningful contribute to the achievement of economic growth in many African states that suffer from the problem of the economic obstacles to development, which is already the case. Download direct, without a doubt, benefit is vital for African states to participate and reflections are very positive on the public and the citizens in those states which will allow them opportunities to realize additional income by learning how to take advantage of their homes and tourist areas unexplored surrounding them and promote it to tourists around the world, but it also represents a step severe the IQ of the Airbnb that will see to it that the movement in the image invest a tremendous perhaps reap the results for many years to come.

Controlled the African continent, the brunette on the other with a share of 20% of the total volume of the market of adventure tourism around the world, and experts that share expected to increase significantly in the case have been exploring this area in the countries of Africa in a proper manner. The cooperation of many African states from a lack of publicity necessary tourist, the lack of constructors tourist hotels major commensurate with the scale of Tourism desired, as well as the often weak infrastructure necessary to achieve the sought political large.

While Airbnb homes swirling in all countries of the world by the constructors of Tourism and hotels area, the chances of the company in the competition in the tourist destinations of the African especially in the field of adventure tourism opportunities are immense and due to lack of hotels large global and covered all those destinations and places. As the nature of societies in Africa has a normative character might be attractive for tourists to stay in the homes of African traditional fear that the trade concerned.

It is worth mentioning that Airbnb launched, within the same initiative, the private academy under the name of Airbnb Africa Academy conduct workshops and bring in the various African states with the aim of educating citizens about the steps to equip their homes to receive tourists, through the application, how to deal with the application and all details concerning it, in addition to the package of documents that anyone can download them through the website of the academy and see him step by step how to start achieving income through rent a home or own room, through the application of the Airbnb case of foreigners.

I don’t learn very soon when you find the application of Airbnb suggests you organize your next trip in full to Africa to live the African adventure of the real in private homes for the elderly local.

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