Discover the gap 19 in WinRAR

اكتشاف ثغرة عمرها 2019 في برنامج WinRARThe discovery of a loophole-old 2019 in WinRAR

The announcement was made this weekend about the discovery of a loophole serious security present since 2000, in the file compression program famous WinRAR which is not Creates of which computer in the world .

A number of designers potential of this gap of about half a million users.

Vulnerabilities that have been discovered allow to upload files with an extension of the ACE which in turn can move to the malware sneaking and data bus.

She said the company that discovered the vulnerability that the malicious program may be run automatically when you restart the computer system.

The company responsible for the software launched the beta version to improve the program and the patch, we recommend everyone to update to it immediately .

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