Discover the loophole a very dangerous affect on almost all Intel processors since 2011

Researchers discovered in the area of electronic security is a new class of security vulnerabilities in the chips Intel, which will allow the exploited – stealing sensitive information from the processor directly.

Remember new security vulnerabilities in Intel processors gap. Meltdow, and Spectre, which appeared early the month of January 2018, and weakness, that is known as “enlightenment there”, which is an important part in how to modern processors.

And property “development, the” Wizards in predict to a certain degree as may be required by the application or operating system provider, or in the near future, which speeds up applications, and makes it more efficient.

The squadron loophole a Meltdown, and the Spectre of sensitive data stored temporarily in the processor, including the secrets of users, such as: passwords, secret keys, statements of accounts, in addition to private messages.

Now, researchers discovered a new class of gaps, the same severity which characterized the gap mentioned above, by allowing the gap of the new named ZombieLoad hackers exploiting design flaws in Intel processors, rather than injection by encoding malicious. Intel said: the ZombieLoad consists of four gaps, the researchers reported to the police about a month ago just.

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According to the researchers, the vulnerabilities affect every computer that contains Intel processors manufactured after 2011. As for AMD processors, and ARM, they are not at risk.

Similar to Gap my Meltdown, and Specter, the risk of gaps ZombieLoad not limited to personal computers and laptops, but also affects the organs of the cloud services.

However, he never reported any incident of exploitation of gaps ZombieLoad, except that the researchers do not rule out that may be exploited without leaving any trace reveals that.

To remedy the problem, Intel released an update to fix gaps in knowledge of the products at risk, including: Intel Xeon, and Intel Broadwell and Sandy Bridge, and Skylake, Haswell. With reference to that other manipulations, such as: Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and Whiskey Lake, and Cascade Lake, are at risk, along with all the processors Atom, and Knights.

Referred to to technology companies and other major, such as Apple, Microsoft, started issuing updates to fix vulnerabilities in its devices.

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