Discover the user interface marks Apple Tags

Shown screen shots of the new tab “elements” of the New developed by Apple to develop (Find My) in (iOS 13), with reference to that this tab is not available in the public version of the update (iOS 13) new.

Similar to the tabs of “people” and “devices” existing in the application (Find My), The Tab “elements” map in the top list of items associated with the account (Apple ID) to the user at the bottom.

It is assumed the transfer tab (Me) existing in the application (Find My) and repositioning it on the form of a symbolic image hovering over the map in all tabs.

Will merge the tab “elements” of the new with the signs of the trace elements of Apple TV (Apple Tags), which is called an internal name (B389), and leaks prior to that (B389) is a wireless tracking like tracker company Tile of form and function.

And by clicking on the Add button in the tab, users will be able to keep track of the location elements associated with the so-called signs of Apple TV (Apple Tags) directly within the app (Find My).

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And tab users to mark items of daily use (B389) in order not to lose again, which explains that Apple’s working on an Company Tile.

Users receive an iPhone notification when you are separated from the specific element that is linked with the outside the iPhone is associated, in accordance with the code existing in the internal structure of the operating system (iOS 13).

Users can click a button in the application (Find My), leading to the start tag associated with the resonance loud to help them locate the missing item.

In case you haven’t been able to the user to find an item, they can put the tag associated with the item in “the Lost Mode”, so that if a user iPhone another missing element, he’ll be able to see the contact information for the owner of the item and communicate with him via phone or text messages, with an alert the owner of the item immediately.

Can be determined “safe spots”, so that will not alert the user if the left element in certain locations, and users can also share the location of the elements with friends and family members, in accordance with the structure of the internal system (iOS 13).

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