Discovery 5400 iPhone app sends users ‘ data to third parties

I found out the Washington Post through the program control on cell phone for iPhone, that not less than 5400 applications were sending data from phone to external parties, including sensitive data such as geographic location and phone number.

The report pointed out that these applications are active in the evening, and run in the background even if the screen is closed, where I applications 1.5 gigabytes of data over one month, and the concentrated external actors in the areas of marketing and research.

While there are a lot of reports are limited on the data that is sent to the companies of Google and Facebook, but the vast majority of them are harmless, being simply the developers are using the data for analyses of services provided by, to see possible used by people which are not used for example.

But, when you are sending personal data to non-well-known relating to the movement of information is troubling, despite the fact that Apple is doing more than any other company to protect the privacy of the user!

Source: The Washington Post

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